Jinky's Agoura Hills

29001 Canwood street, CA 91301

Phone: (818) 593-0606

Fax:     (818) 575-9072 

HOURS 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.

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Nataly K.

6/15/2019 ***** Nataly K. Napa, CA

Excellent happy hour menu! The mango/blue cheeseburger was to die for!!!! Excellent service! Fast and kind :-)

         Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_FvNPWAg64

Mike Schrimsher

6/11/2019 ***** Mike Schrimsher Agoura Hills, CA

Great people, great service, great food. Love it.

Heather Bernal

6/10/2019 ***** Heather Bernal Agoura Hills, CA

Delicious food and friendly service.

Sharon K.

5/17/2019 ***** Sharon K.  Agoura Hills, CA

I met up with my friend for breakfast here the other day. I got the breakfast quinoa bowl with veggies and fried egg. It was amazing!

I also got passion fruit iced tea. It was a tad bit sweet but didn't need any more sugar. Love this little local spot for breakfast in our town.

Betsy B Olive

5/14/2019 ***** Betsy B Olive Agoura Hills, CA

You won't regret a stop here... do it before shopping at Traders Joe and avoid  buying the entire market!

Outdoor patio is nice. This is Always a great place for chilling! ..and CHILES!! Love that they always have from super hot 10 to mild 1 ... ask to try a combo of 2 in a bowl or cup!! & pair it with sliders 😊  

Pamela Austin

5/13/2019 ***** Pamela Austin Agoura Hills, CA

Delicious food and great service, as always!