Jinky's Agoura Hills

29001 Canwood street, CA 91301

Phone: (818) 593-0606

Fax:     (818) 575-9072 

HOURS 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.

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Kristy Franklin

12/27/2018 **** Kristy Franklin Agoura Hills, CA

Delicious Chilaquiles and Gluten-Free pancakes!

Lynn Buchanan

12/23/2018 ***** Lynn Buchanan Agoura Hills, CA

The service was friendly and the oatcakes were huge and delicious.

Dan Smee

12/18/2018 ***** Dan Smee Agoura Hills,CA

Excellent food & service. Way better than Marmalade!

Tracy Carbone

12/05/2018  ***** Tracy Carbon Agoura Hills, CA

Delicious food and nice atmosphere. They are one of the few places that sell Impossible Burgers.

Syeira S.

12/02/2018 ***** Syeira S. Burbank, Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I love Jinky’s. Every time we come: the food is delicious and we have great service. We've brought many family and friends from out of town here and they've all loved the food.

Neil S.

11/19/2018  ***** Neil S. Agoura Hills, CA

Jinky's Happy Hour is (not was, I'm still here) a great shelter from the storm of the current aftermath of the Woolsey fires. Am a nomad now that we've been in mandatory evacuation for ten days and counting, and the TLC at Kinky's is fab.

IPAs and a sliders order more generous than most make me feel very much at home. Will be back with the fam very soon, as we won't have power for another two weeks.


11/10/2018  **** W W Agoura Hills, CA

Jinky's menu is huge! You could eat here every day for months before you tried everything. They have a large menu of just chili with the most variety I have ever seen except at a chili festival. The food is delicious and the portions are huge!!