Jinky's Agoura Hills 

29001 Canwood street, CA 91301

Phone: (818) 593-0606

Fax:     (818) 575-9072 

Every Day from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.

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Peter B.

3/30/2018 **** Peter B. Agoura Hills, CA

So I thought I'd try Jinky's for their Steak-and-Eggs (as you know, I am a bit of an - ahem - expert on S&Es). In any event, they have some nice seating areas both inside and out. Steak and eggs arrived within a reasonable amount of time.

Steak very tender and nicely seasoned with freshly-cook hash browns. Eggs cooked perfect. Rye bread a bit crunchy, coffee excellent, and they leave the carafe at the table just like they do at the IHOP. (They also cook a darn-fine cheeseburger, by the way. Staff very friendly. Incredibly, although even I sat in plain sight, not one person came over for an autograph or (gasp!) even a selfie! Such self-control!! In any event it was a good value for the price and I do recommend a visit.


Ebony W.

3/21/2018 **** Ebony W. Los Angeles, CA

Came here on my lunch break and I must say it was great. The first time I came I tried the Max n Cheese and it was delicious. The second time tried the breakfast sandwich and it was okay, the Tator Tots were amazing!

Kim S.

3/14/2018 ***** Kim S. Indianapolis, IN

Finished 10 mile trail run off PCH & headed home for some good grub! Jinky's is right around the corner from mi casa and next door to my favorite wine joint, Trader Joe's. But I digress...back to Jinky's: appetizer was a cup of the Wild, Wild West chili: kicked butt!!! Had a bit of a kick which was great! If you like chili, apparently that is what this place is known for, so c'mon down!

Had the Sherman Oaks salad with Ahi Tuna salad. Good good good! Asparagus, goat cheese, grapes, cranberries, tomatoes: delicious! Came with a balsamic vinaigrette. Perfect combo with the Ahi Tuna.

Anywho, I will be back and probably for the damn chili!!!

Peter Jachimiak

2/19/2018 **** Peter Jachimiak Los Angeles, CA

Good for breakfast.

Marsha Rossi

2/13/2018 ***** Marsha Rossi Los Angeles, CA

Jinky's cafe is amazing. All the food is delicious. We go there at least once a week.

Shea O'Toole

2/7/2018 ***** Shea O'Toole Los Angeles, CA

Jinky's is a fantastic place for most anyone to eat at. Their service is fast and friendly, the facility is well kept, and the food is always delicious!

Their menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner all of which include vegetarian and vegan options.