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Breakfast Specialties
Martin's Spicy Chilaquileas
Santa Fe Scramble
Yucatan Quesadilla
The Chili Jumble
Huevos Rancheiros
Sierra Mountain Breakfast
Italian Egg Sandwich
Huevos Chilli
2 + 2 + 2
Huevos Con Pollo
A.M. Breakfast Sandwich
Gourmet Mac & Cheese
Veggie Mac & Cheese
Bacon & Sausage Mac & Cheese
Chili Mac & Cheese
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Wild Blueberry Banana
Banana-Macadamia Nut
Banana Foster Cakes
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Banana Chocolate Chip Cakes
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Berry Happy Pancakes
Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin Pancakes With Pumpkin Marmalade
Whole Wheat Pancakes
Oaty Oaty Cakes
Gluten Free Pancakes
Eggs Benedict
Classic Benedict
Eggs Florentine
Southwestern Benedict
Crab Cake Benedict
Lox Benedict
Hash Benedict
French Toast
French Toast
Flaky French Toast
Coconut Flaky
Cinnamon Flaky Toast
S-B-C Toast
Belgian Waffle
Ice Cream Waffle
Red, White And Blue Waffle
Banana Chocolate Chip Waffle
Banana Nutella
Banana's Foster
Nutty Berry
Red, White And Blue
Strawberry Blueberry & Cream Cheese
Savory Crepe
Jinky's Nitro
Athens Delight
Create Your Own Omelette or Scramble
French Garden
Chili Omelette Supreme
The Sherman Oaks
Jinky's Favorite
Chicken And Herbs
Spicy Voodoo
Farmhouse Frittata
La Fonda
Rosemary Omelette
Green And White Omelette
Lox Omelette
And Eggs
Eggs Any Style
Bacon And Eggs
Ham Steak And Eggs
Gourmet Sausage And Eggs
Patty And Eggs
Chicken Breast And Egg Whites
Steak And Eggs
Hash And Eggs
Shrimp Scramble
Spicy Chilaquiles
Garden Scramble
Healthy Scramble
Popeye Scramble
Viva Las Vegan(no eggs)
Breakfast Mac & Cheese
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Lox Plate
Regular Oatmeal
Low Fat Granola
Fruit-Yogurt-Granola Plate
Cream of Wheat
Old Fashioned 4 Grain Oatmeal
Freshly Ground Coffee
Iced Latte
Hot Chocolate
Fresh Juice
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Regular Iced Tea
Cold Milk
Tropical Iced Tea or Iced Green Tea
Blended Lemonde Freeze-Raspberry
Italian Espresso
Hot Tea
V-8 Juice/Tomato Juice
Martinelli Apple Juice or Cranberry Juice
Bottled Water
Perrier-Sparkling Water
Chocolate Milk
Iced Blended Mocha, Vanilla or White Chocolate
On The Side
Aidells or Jody Maroni
Veggie Sausage (2 (pcs)
2 Eggs - Any Style
Bagel (plain - onion - sesame)
Sliced Tomato or Onion
Side of Tuna Salad
Sour Cream
Side of Avocado Guacamole
Mixed Fruit
Bowl of Fresh Strawberries
Toast (wheat, sourdough or rye)
Cottage or Cheese
Muffins (assorted flavors)
Bacon or Turkey Bacon
Ham Steak
Side of Breakfast Steak
Side of Shrimp (6 PCS.)
Jinky's Potatoes or Tater Tots
French Fries
Onion Rings
Corn or Flour Tortillas
Our Own Salsa Fresca Tomatillo or Ranchero Sauce
English Muffin
Low-Fat Yogurt
Grilled Chicken Breast
Garlic Bread (2 PIECES)
Flaky Banana Caramel Creme
Hot Fudge Sundae
Decadent Chocolate Cake
Apple Pie
Cookie and Ice Cream Dessert

Jinky's Agoura Hills         29001 Canwood street, CA 91301

Phone:(818) 593-0606         Fax - (818) 575-9072

Time of opening:Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm

Friday and Saturday from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm

 * 1 Glass of wine  or  a Domestic Beer. Offer requires purchase of Entree

Agoura Hills Daily Chili:

Chili menu changes daily please call to check Chili Menu

Jinky’s Beer & Wine principles

With recent financial turmoil causing much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair we at Jinky's have tried to bring $2 Beer (domestic) to you at a price that is guaranteed to turn scowls into smiles.   Our own "Mimosa multiplier"  is also in effect  from 3-6pm  where  for  just $6  2 Mimosas can be purchased. An extensive wine selection is also available at discounted prices during happy hour.

Chili madness  in Agoura Hills

A Chili craving is not easily cured. Cravings cannot be satisfied by store bought chili especially after a person has been seduced into trying one of Jinky's  delights.  Whether you want the "hot stuff" or one of the other 20 nefarious variations. One will be hooked after their first bite. Even  meat eaters have been caught with Jinky's "Veggie Delight".

The Chili Social study

Chili-nefarious has recently been studied.  A  group of former Chili  "hotheads" from Sherman Oaks had relocated to Agoura hills and after a long period of mutual self help groups and their mantra "12 steps back from the bowl".  Many claimed to have become "Chili free".  

The day of reckoning

Former  Hotheads  had begun leading organized regular lives until Feb 12th 2011 Word began to spread like peanut butter that  20 varieties (of chili)  was being delivered in  Agoura hills at an unknown location .   Soon the unknown became known and in a matter of days over 100 gallons had been consumed. Demand exceeded supply. Garlic Lovers’  Chili ran out Feb 14th,  Valentine’s day. This caused much knashing of teeth and pulling of hair by the less disciplined Chileans.( many blamed this on  the time they had spent in a Copper mine). We apologize to all our regulars who witnessed these reactions when the manager  announced that there was no Chili remaining.. Our cooks do not normally bang empty pots to show customers that they are empty.

The Chilis in question are those found here.  As each Chili can take 48 hours to make   some   are now  available  online in  VERY limited quantities .Please CALL for dine-in  to avoid disappointment as servings are on a first come first served basis. And limited to bowls in the restaurant. All double sized bowls have now been removed so please do not ask for them. Beer may also be consumed .         


 2/2/2015 *** Honolulu, Hawaii

Service was good - attentive and friendly. Food was nothing spectacular. Shares a small parking lot with Trader Joes, so that gets full fast. Omelettes were decent. Average.

JT L. 2/2/2015 *** JT L.Naperville, IL

It's our breakfast place. It's been pretty solid and consistent.

Still haven't tried the chili, but will update the review when I do.

Marji L.1/27/2015 ***** Marji L. Downtown Rochester, Detroit, MI

My husband and I are in CA visiting family and decided to try this restaurant for breakfast based on Yelp recommendations. The food was wonderful, I had the green and white omelet and my husband had the Greek egg white omelet. Prices are a little high, but the quality and freshness of the food is good.  I would definitely try this place

Mark C.1/24/2015 **** Mark C.Morro Bay, CA

Expansive menu for breakfast. Our first time here and it was great. The service was exceptional, just the right amount of attention.

Laura S is a great waitress, cheerful and knowledgable.

We will definitely come back to try lunch.

Mimi W. 1/4/2015 **** Mimi W. Ojai, CA

4 stars for lunch....2 stars for breakfast. Have been several times for lunch and its always good....delicious sandwiches, great chili selection (I love chili!)...yummy. But went for the first time for breakfast recently and was surprisingly disappointed. Although this place is almost always very busy, the service is  very good BUT both of our breakfast  selections were delivered dry , eggs were  "crusty" (maybe under a heat lamp too long) ...potatoes were like driftwood.  Overall a very mediocre meal. Bummer!

Kira B. 12/19/2014 ***** Kira B. Thousand Oaks, CA

I had been wanting to try this place for awhile and finally did this evening. The menu is HUGE and they have all kinds of options for anyone with a different kind of diet. I had a vegan breakfast that consisted of wild rice, tofu, and veggies with a side of tater tots. I can't resist tater tots! It was great except a bit too spicy for my tastes... next time will request that they go easy on the spice. Actually, next time I'll be ordering some of those delicious pancakes. We sat at the counter, which is always my preferred spot in a diner. Our server was awesome... didn't catch his name but he was a very friendly young guy who was doing a fabulous job behind the counter. Can't wait to go back for pancakes!

 12/03/2014 *** Kathleen B Agoura Hills, California USA

Good Local Food

Good for breakfast and lunch. Nice and large menu with something for everyone. BrEakfast is,my favorite and menu has lots of sweet and savory options. Normal prices and comfortable atmosphere. My experience has been that service is slow but not terribly.  

Randy B. 11/19/2014***** Randy B Culver City, CA

I've been to 2 other Jinky locations, so I am a big time fan of their menu.  Pages and pages of variations with meat/veg/vegan options, you gotta be a fool to not find something that sounds delicious.

Being next to Trader Joe's could be good thing, but the small parking lot for the demand could be nearly a disaster for your temper, or your car.  It's the one draw back, well also, a little line if you come at peak times.

Breakfast burrito was my option for the day (and it was awesome, and double-good is the pea quacamole), but other locations I've tried: The Veracruz Talapia (AMAZING), and the Mexicali chili (I liked a lot, but small for the price).

Live on the wild side, try to find parking -- and go.

Jinky's Kanan Cafe - Breakfast Burrito with Pea Guacamole - Agoura Hills, CA, United States 


Donald T.11/8/2014*****Donald T. North Hollywood, CA

While I'm somewhat of a Jinky's regular this is my first Yelp. We started with 2 than 3 and finished with 7. Throughout this they courteously accommodated our needs. Service was near superb refilling drinks and fulfilling any special requests from our party. Even correctly providing separate checks for us. Didn't hear any complaints about the good and my "Jinkys pizza was fantastic. 

Natalie W.11/2/2014**** Natalie W. Woodland Hills, CA

Love this place for breakfast! Yummy options, huge portions, and lovely patio and indoor seating. The wait staff has always been friendly and accommodating during my visits. Highly suggested!

Jamie C.10/20/2014****Jamie C. Los Angeles, CA

Jinkys Cafe has a huge menu, maybe a little too big.

I've thumbed through their menu many times and ended up with a club sandwich on one occassion and lemon curd pancakes everytime there after.

The pancakes are killer, you've got to like sour to like these and they are!

Jinky's cafe used to be dangerously close, walking distance, from our humble abode.

If you drive in, it's a great place to grab breakfast before the beach (if you exit Kanan Rd).  Jinky's shares the same parking lot at Trader Joes.

Fred S.10/10/2014***** Fred S. Sherman Oaks, CA

This was my first time at this location and I as well as my friends found the food to be excellent and the customer service to be 5star outstanding.

Our server Jorge.G was upbeat friendly was got our order right and would check in with use often,but not in a over kill way.

He did a wonderful job.

Keri D. 9/20/2014 ***** Keri D. Long Beach, CA

Recently moved to San Diego - every time i come home to Agoura it's a tradition to eat a Jinky's

Never disappointed.

Bahar S.9/6/2014 *** Bahar S.  Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Great service but the food was average.  I did enjoy the pumpkin pancakes though! Don't get the cinnamon crunchy french toast. It had a weird after taste. Also, I didn't understand why drip coffee costs $3.50... If I knew I would've ordered a latte.

Cori H. 8/18/2014 **** Cori H. Chicago, IL

I met up with some friends here for brunch. They have a decent outdoor patio area with a view. I like that they give each coffee drinker their own little pot since I drink mine rather quickly. The chilaquiles were delicious!.

Tr. T. 8/9/2014 ***  Tr. T. Los Angeles, CA

Food was pretty good, albeit perhaps overpriced.  However, ordered bottomless mimosas and was allowed to wait until we brought the pitcher up to the staff (15 to 20 minutes). With only three other tables in the entire place, I understand that they were "very busy" but we had countless offers to clear our table of plates ( which still had food on them?) but not a single offer for one mimosa refill. Good food, fun idea. bad wait staff.

Rich R.8/8/2014 **** J M. San Diego, CA

Great hummus sandwich! Service was a bit slow during the lunch-hour rush, but otherwise no complaints. Food was fresh & delicious - overall a good value. Excellent variety of vegetarian options.

Rich R.8/7/2014 **** Rich R. Canoga Park, CA

We always find good food here, usually come for breakfast or lunch.  This time we tried dinner and were pleased.  Had the Thai Fusion chicken/shrimp Pasta and Healthy Tilapia.  Food was fresh and served hot...both dishes very tasty.  You also get a complimentary glass of house wine with each entree.  Short of 5-star rating only because prices are a bit high for dinner menu items.

Mario+Ashley P.7/28/2014 *** Mario+Ashley P. Memphis, TN

1 check-in

This restaurant is always a good choice! They serve breakfast all day and everything on the menu is delicious. My personal favorite is their mint lemonade! I know it isn't food but its so so good. Whether it's in the am to wake you up or in the afternoon as a refresher it's delicious! The reason I give them three stars is our waitress took forever with everything! And to be honest it isn't her fault they have so many people working but no one would help our waitress out; they all just kept sitting around. But other than the service the food is amazing and they have healthy options too!


Nigel D. 7/10/2014 Updated review **** Nigel D. Los Angeles, CA  

Real good food. Excellent service. Had their eggs Benedict this morning and it was perfectly cooked. I would recommend the cook revisit his hollandaise sauce as it was a little off. Not quite sure how but it knocked a star off my latest review. A bit bland, and please no black olives on top of the hollandaise. Maybe that was what threw it off. Their soups and sandwiches are usually tasty and the people are real friendly. The coffee is a bit spendy, but it is a decent place to eat. Oh yeah no heartburn this time which is rare for me after eating Benedict. Good job guys. Sharpen up that hollandaise though.

Frank W.7/6/2014 *** Frank W.Calabasas, CA

1 check-in

Solid breakfast joint ... 5 different chilis on offer, and lots of creative dishes combining them into different breakfast concoctions.  I had the chili jumble, home potatoes topped with scrambled eggs, chili, pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream and half of an avocado.  Good, solid stick-to-your-ribs breakfast dish.  My better half tried the chilaquiles, be warned, they are every bit as spicy as the menu suggests.  The kids had crepes with nutella and bananas!!!  They were in sugar heaven.  Service was friendly and attentive.  Not our favorite breakfast in the area (Harold's still holds that crown) but definitely worth checking out for a change of pace.

perfection, and flavored so well that he didn't even need syrup for it. I had the egg white Italian Fritata breakfast sandwich, and it was so large and filling I could only eat half. Good portions for the price in my opinion.

If I had one complaint, it would be the parking lot. It's pretty small and is shared with other businesses. Grab a meter on the street if you see it before even trying to get in and out of the lot during peak meal hours.

We will be back for the food again, but I will be stopping in there just for a chai tea latte to go instead of Starbucks in the mornings!

Oh! I can't forget! All of the servers seemed to have smiles on their faces as they took care of their tables, and our server, Alex was extremely polite and prompt. It's hard to find good service these days, so it was nice to see someone that still takes pride in their work. Thanks, Alex!