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Jinky’s qualifies as the Best Breakfast Cafe in Los Angeles, our customers say so. Whether eat-in or take-out, from vegan to traditional, LA folk love our many healthy varieties. A cornucopia breakfast dishes (now over 200) awaits you & we do Lunch and Dinner. We are now in five locations: Agoura Hills| Santa Monica|Sherman Oaks|Studio City|Thousand Oaks|.


Robert Buehrer

2/23/2018 ***** Robert Buehrer Santa Monica, CA

Fantastic breakfast restaurant!!

Marsha Rossi

2/13/2018 ***** Marsha RossiLos Angeles, CA

Jinky's cafe is amazing. All the food is delicious. We go there at least once a week.

Shea O'Toole

2/7/2018 ***** Shea O'TooleLos Angeles, CA

Jinky's is a fantastic place for most anyone to eat at.Their service is fast and friendly, the facility is well kept, and the food is always delicious!

Their menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner all of which include vegetarian and vegan options.

Louis Burgueño

1/5/2018 *****Louis BurgueñoStudio City, CA

Great service and good food.

Jennifer Larkin

1/2/2018*****Jennifer LarkinSherman Oaks, California

Love the chili!The last time I was here the waiter brought me little tastes of the flavor so I wouldn't order something too hot. I thought it was very kind.

1/2/2018****Greg WSugar Land, Texas

If you can dream it for breakfast, they have it on the menu. If there’s nothing on the menu that you find that you like, they will let you make your own combinations. The food was very good.



Even the Kardashians in Agoura hills might need a glass of water to put out the fire in this new hot and spicy LA breakfast! Choice of Gourmet chili (5 are available each day, see our Chili Jumble Breakfast Specialty).


Everyone has breakups, even the iconic Angelina and Brad, but if there’s any cure for heartbreak it’s breakfast food. See more on a cure for heartbreak on our must try Martin’s Spicy Chilaquileas-breakfast specialty page.