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Jinky’s qualifies as the Best Breakfast Cafe in Los Angeles, our customers say so. Whether eat-in or take-out, from vegan to traditional, LA folk love our many healthy varieties. A cornucopia breakfast dishes (now over 200) awaitsy you & we do Lunch and Dinner. We are now in five locations: Agoura Hills| Santa Monica|Sherman Oaks|Studio City|Thousand Oaks|.


Kimberly G.

6/28/2018 ***** Kimberly G.Calabasas, CA

Prices are good, great options. My favorite is the Quinoa w/ Veggies and Fried Egg (it tastes like fried rice, but healthier!) The chilis are delish, and they always give free samples!

Great spot to take the family, service always comes w/ a smile too. Nothing too fancy, just good food and good service!


Rachel Beamon

6/22/2018 *****Rachel Beamon

Food was great, service was great!

Cassandra S.

6/13/2018 *****Cassandra S.Agoura Hills, CA

Banana Nutella Stuffed French Toast. Nuff said right there!It's so good I can't stop craving it! And the Chilaquiles are so flavorful, it's addictive. The Huevos Rancheros are a new fav too, because it's spicy but not too much and perfectly cooked... mmmm.

Very happy with my order every time! Definitely recommend for bomb breakfast!!! Delivery always hot, fresh, and fast. Thanks Jinky's, you guys rock!

Jessica T.

6/2/2018****Jessica T.Las Vegas, NV

This was right next to my hotel on 2nd street. Small cozy cafe. They had a lot of yummy sounding options.

I chose the Desperado, a breakfast burrito packed with potatoes, tomatoes, chicken chorizo (was amazing) comes with a side of pea guacamole. Service was on point friendly staff.

Nisha S.

5/28/2018 *****Nisha S.Irvine, CA

My fiancé and I have been going here for over two years. This is our spot. The food is always amazing and the staff is very efficient and friendly.

They definitely started treating us like family. Maria is our breakfast mom; she is kind and sweet and makes us feel at home.

My usual is either the Savory Crepes or the Eggs Florentine but I can't imagine going wrong with any item. They allow large or small plates for portion control and they mean large so if you're like me and can't handle the generous portions go for the small. You'll still get the perfect amount of food. Wheat toast out.

Kristina M.

5/27/2018*****Kristina M.Monterey Park, CA

Jinky's pleasantly surprised me.We tried to come early for a Mother's Day brunch, so it ended up being a 15-minute wait. Which didn't seem bad at all and actually grew longer by the time we left.

I love eggs benedict, so I got the crab cake eggs benedict. The last time I've had this was in Seattle and it was one of the best eggs benedict I've ever had. Their house hollandaise sauce was pretty delicious! The potatoes that accompanied it were kind of ordinary but I love some potatoes for breakfast.

Their breakfast burrito comes with chorizo (there's a vegetarian version too!), scrambled eggs, diced tomatoes, cheese and diced potatoes. It comes with pea guacamole and if you've never had pea guacamole, this is actually quite delicious here!

I did not miss avocado and found it to be really flavorful. I would love to steal their pea guacamole recipe. The plus side of their breakfast burrito was that it was not greasy or too heavy. It actually felt good eating it.

If you are watching what you're eating, there are definitely some healthy options on the menu. Definitely a win in my book!



Even the Kardashians in Agoura hills might need a glass of water to put out the fire in this new hot and spicy LA breakfast! Choice of Gourmet chili (5 are available each day, see our Chili Jumble Breakfast Specialty).