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Jinky’s qualifies as the Best Breakfast Cafe in Los Angeles, our customers say so. Whether eat-in or take-out, from vegan to traditional, LA folk love our many healthy varieties. A cornucopia breakfast dishes (now over 200) awaits you & we do Lunch and Dinner. We are now in five locations: Agoura Hills| Santa Monica|Sherman Oaks|Studio City|Thousand Oaks|.


6/7/2017 *****Elle G.Los Angeles, CA

Hubby & I love a good Sunday brunch w/o having to drive too far or pay too much.

The last 2 visits I indulged in my favorite breakfast....bagels and lox!!

The Nova is excellent!! Not terribly salty...appears to be hand cut and flavorful coupled with tomatoes...onions on a plain bagel ( can't have seeds)....and iced coffee....

Perfect way to end the weekend!!

6/7/2017 ***** Imnota C.Simi Valley, CA

Great serviceand I love their chicken mushroom melt sandwich. It's the best!

5/27/2017 ***** Fridge R.Montebello, CA

Best place in studio city! I love jinky's the staff is always on point with service. Especially Natalie she's the best. Will definitely come back!

5/16/2017 *****John D.Thousand Oaks, CA

I am so glad they have a location in Thousand Oaks now. Back in the day, the Van Nuys (or is it Sherman Oaks) restaurant was so packed you had to wait 40 min to an hour on the weekend. (And trust me... worth the wait). I come here to the tater-tots and the pancakes. Good food!!

5/14/2017 **** Tshaka A.Canoga Park, CA

Great food.Great service.The small plates option is everything! Himalayan beef chili is well spiced.

5/6/2017 ***** Jonathan M.Thousand Oaks, CA

Our server, Jorge, was very patient and helpful with my beer selections - bringing me a sample of the MadeWest IPA that was on tap. I loved it and ordered a large! We ordered the 4 chili sampler as an appetizer and it was quite good. We told our server Jorge to make our chili selections for us as long as none were vegetarian or vegan (haha).

Jorge brought us the Boston, Himalayan, El Paso and Ranchero. My date really liked the Boston turkey chili and took it all for herself. I enjoyed the curry flavors in the Himalayan despite the clove being a little

strong. Both the El Paso and Ranchero had very forward tomato flavors that I really liked. My date had the side salad which was actually pretty substantial. She had me finish it for her and it seemed more like an entree salad.

I chose to go with the pesto chicken ciabatta sandwich and was not disappointed. Lots of pesto on a fresh, soft ciabatta roll. I felt like it could have had a bit more chicken on the sandwich but I was already slowing down half-way through from having already finished 3 out of 4 chili samples and a pint of beer. The fries were hot, crispy and plentiful! I took half my sandwich and some fries in a to-go box.

5/3/2017 ***** Randi W.Thousand Oaks, CA

Jasmine is a great waitress. This is my first visit to Jinky's. She gave me the perfect amount of attention and was very sweet and friendly, have a nice atmosphere to my breakfast!

Had French toast,eggs, and fruit. I'm pretty picky and this was all great. Nice, fresh fruit too. Coffee was great and I didn't even have to ask for French vanilla creamer, as there was already an assortment ready at the table.

The restaurant is really nice inside, unexpected for the location. All in all, great job!

Nathan O.

4/30/2017 ***** Nathan O.Santa Monica, CA

If you are looking for the definition of a 'hidden gem', look no further.Jinky's is a top food haven disguised as a coffee shop/cafe. If you walk by too fast you'll miss it since it sits back off the street.

My reason for eating there is their chili. It comes in several degrees of spicy from somewhat hot to scorching. They have chili with beans and without, with chicken,with beef and other variations. This is a one stop shop for good meals and amazing chili.

Rebecca D.

4/17/2017 ***** Rebecca D.Los Angeles, CA

Jinky's is always a dependable go to for me. I work right around the corner and stop in frequently for breakfast or to pick up an order.

The portions are hearty. The servers are attentive, efficient, and friendly. And the food is always delicious and filling.

I love that they serve breakfast all day and I have never been disappointed with the service or food for as long as I have been coming here (over a year now). I would highly recommend this place!

4/25/2017 ***** Gigi G.Los Angeles, CA

BEST PANCAKES EVER. Need I say more? And the view from the outside is just amazing. I recommend this for a Sunday Brunch, or to just have the best pancakes in general. So soft and fluffy, and the fruit topping was freshly cut. The latte was good too. Will definitely go again.



Even the Kardashians in Agoura hills might need a glass of water to put out the fire in this new hot and spicy LA breakfast! Choice of Gourmet chili (5 are available each day, see our Chili Jumble Breakfast Specialty).


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