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Breakfast Specialties
Martin's Spicy Chilaquileas
Santa Fe Scramble
Yucatan Quesadilla
The Chili Jumble
Huevos Rancheiros
Sierra Mountain Breakfast
Italian Egg Sandwich
Huevos Chilli
2 + 2 + 2
Huevos Con Pollo
A.M. Breakfast Sandwich
Gourmet Mac & Cheese
Veggie Mac & Cheese
Bacon & Sausage Mac & Cheese
Chili Mac & Cheese
Jinky's Signature Pancakes
Traditional Buttermilk
Wild Blueberry Banana
Banana-Macadamia Nut
Banana Foster Cakes
Caramel Creame Pancakes
Banana Chocolate Chip Cakes
Red Velvet Pancakes
Berry Happy Pancakes
Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin Pancakes With Pumpkin Marmalade
Whole Wheat Pancakes
Oaty Oaty Cakes
Gluten Free Pancakes
Eggs Benedict
Classic Benedict
Eggs Florentine
Southwestern Benedict
Crab Cake Benedict
Lox Benedict
Hash Benedict
French Toast
French Toast
Flaky French Toast
Coconut Flaky
Cinnamon Flaky Toast
S-B-C Toast
Belgian Waffle
Ice Cream Waffle
Red, White And Blue Waffle
Banana Chocolate Chip Waffle
Banana Nutella
Banana's Foster
Nutty Berry
Red, White And Blue
Strawberry Blueberry & Cream Cheese
Savory Crepe
Jinky's Nitro
Athens Delight
Create Your Own Omelette or Scramble
French Garden
Chili Omelette Supreme
The Sherman Oaks
Jinky's Favorite
Chicken And Herbs
Spicy Voodoo
Farmhouse Frittata
La Fonda
Rosemary Omelette
Green And White Omelette
Lox Omelette
And Eggs
Eggs Any Style
Bacon And Eggs
Ham Steak And Eggs
Gourmet Sausage And Eggs
Patty And Eggs
Chicken Breast And Egg Whites
Steak And Eggs
Hash And Eggs
Shrimp Scramble
Spicy Chilaquiles
Garden Scramble
Healthy Scramble
Popeye Scramble
Viva Las Vegan(no eggs)
Breakfast Mac & Cheese
And More
Lox Plate
Regular Oatmeal
Low Fat Granola
Fruit-Yogurt-Granola Plate
Cream of Wheat
Old Fashioned 4 Grain Oatmeal
Freshly Ground Coffee
Iced Latte
Hot Chocolate
Fresh Juice
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Regular Iced Tea
Cold Milk
Tropical Iced Tea or Iced Green Tea
Blended Lemonde Freeze-Raspberry
Italian Espresso
Hot Tea
V-8 Juice/Tomato Juice
Martinelli Apple Juice or Cranberry Juice
Bottled Water
Perrier-Sparkling Water
Chocolate Milk
Iced Blended Mocha, Vanilla or White Chocolate
On The Side
Aidells or Jody Maroni
Veggie Sausage (2 (pcs)
2 Eggs - Any Style
Bagel (plain - onion - sesame)
Sliced Tomato or Onion
Side of Tuna Salad
Sour Cream
Side of Avocado Guacamole
Mixed Fruit
Fresh Strawberries
Toast (wheat, sourdough or rye)
Cottage or Cheese
Muffins (assorted flavors)
Bacon or Turkey Bacon
Ham Steak
Side of Breakfast Steak
Side of Shrimp (6 PCS.)
Jinky's Potatoes or Tater Tots
French Fries
Onion Rings
Corn or Flour Tortillas
Our Own Salsa Fresca Tomatillo or Ranchero Sauce
English Muffin
Low-Fat Yogurt
Grilled Chicken Breast
Garlic Bread (2 PIECES)
Flaky Banana Caramel Creme
Hot Fudge Sundae
Decadent Chocolate Cake
Apple Pie
Cookie and Ice Cream Dessert


Jinky's Studio City  4000  Colefax  Ave,  Studio City 91604

Phone: (818) 284-6972         Fax: 818 308 8922

Open: Sunday to Wed from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm Thurs to Saturday from 7:30 am to 11pm


Studio City Weekly Special:

Mixed green salad and macadamia nuts, Bacon, avocado with tomato sandwich

Studio City Daily Chili:

Chili menu changes daily please call to check  Chili Menu

Draught Beer is now available

Bud lite, Stella Artois, Longhammer IPA & Shock Top (a belgian style  wheat ale) now available on  Draft

With recent financial turmoil causing much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair we at Jinky's have tried to bring $2 Beer (domestic) to you at a price that is guaranteed to turn scowls into smiles. Our own "Mimosa multiplier" is also in effect from 3-6pm where for just $6 2 Mimosas can be purchased. An extensive wine selection is also available at discounted prices during happy hour.

$2 Beer? A trap for the unsuspecting?

Tales from the bar: An employee uncovers a conspiracy...Studio City, California. Normally a very quiet and quaint, business and arts oriented town; enter Alankar Verma AKA the Chili Peddler, a man known for his addictive portions of Chili. But how do the unsuspecting become addicted to chili? First choose a name associated with glamour " The Studio Café" second attract a young hip crowd with $2 domestic beer, third offer small bowls and tasters to hook the unsuspecting on the harder stuff.  

Rewind to  Dec 2011 when diner "The Studio Café" introduces a new and unheard of special. $2.00 Domestic beers, all day – everyday. This even included the scrumptious and much adored "Rolling Rock".


Attracted by the $2 beer many were unaware they were about cross into the arms of one of the World's most nefarious Chili peddlers. As the moon rose higher into the sky and all of the Studio Café employees were tucked snug into their beds, word began to spread on underground chili blogs: something was afoot in Studio City..

Suddenly in early evening a growing line formed. A line so remarkable in size that it caught the attention of local news crews. Upon the arrival the following morning, the Studio Café morning crew was awestruck and beyond surprised to see the masses lined up, eagerly waiting, even banging on windows and pleading for chili . To this day Studio Café still sells many hundreds of beers each night to a growing crowd but be warned DO NOT TASTE THE

CHILI .  (Read the whole story soon in  the Insane food guide)


Kelly R. 1/18/2015**** Kelly R West Hollywood, CA

Jinky's is perfect for a good hangover or just when you're in the mood for a hearty breakfast. It's one of those places that's just always satisfying.

They are awesome at offering options with like, 10 different kinds of chili, 5 gourmet sausages, tons of vegan/vegetarian options and 4 different ways you can get your potatoes (tater tots always for me). Omelettes, burgers and sandwiches are all amazing here. You can't go wrong.

The decor is a little dated, but I like that all the inside tables are booths and there is outdoor, dog-friendly seating in the front if you want to enjoy the sunshine.

It is a little more expensive per dish than similar restaurants, however the portions are pretty big. I'll forever be a loyal customer!

Connie K. 1/7/2015****Connie K Los Angeles, CA

Oof. This place is pricey, pricey, pricey. No worries though--I got what I paid for, which was seriously a delicious effing meal (I wish I could add more profanity words just to describe how delicious my dinner was.)

I drove all the way to this Jinky's from South Pasadena in hopes of finding yummy delicious healthy food to eat with a friend who is a Studio City local. We decided on Jinky's, which was seriously an excellent call on my friend's part.

We sat down in the restaurant--interior design is a little drab and out of date, IMO. It happened to be happy hour. so I ordered the Electric Lemonade. I don't know what I think about it. It was super, SUPER alcoholic, but it didn't really taste that good. I've had better drinks made with blue curacao, so I probably wouldn't order it again. I ended up just taking a few sips and leaving it altogether.

Van D. 1/4/2015 **** Van D. Fairfax, VA

Their tater tots are really good!  I love how the waiters and waitresses get involved with the customer.  They're super friendly people.

Tommy Smalls S.  12/26/2014 ***** Tommy Smalls S. Pico Rivera, CA

This is my spot. I love Johnny.  He bring a great vibe along with the other tenders. The appetizers are fresh chilies are always unique and different but delicious. I will always keep coming back. The price is right.

Chris F. 12/21/2014 ***** Chris F. Los Angeles, CA

Despite what most people think, this cafe is phenomenal. I came for a Sunday brunch on 12/21/14, every staff member from the cashier to the server were all very polite, sociable and welcoming. Paul and Alex Stam were definitely my favorite employees there. The food (Chili Huevos) was delicious,  the mimosas were well made and the atmosphere was beautiful. Don't mind the old reviews, as of today, this is the place to be; any day of the week

10/30/2014 ***** Mike M. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA

Such an amazing place for breakfast, most of the times I been here I've devoured on some delicious pancakes and eggs but on my last visit I got the bbq chicken sandwhich and that was it. The sandwhich was nothing but perfect and it left me wanting more and even now till this very moment I crave it.

They have happy hour here but never actually been there for it and they also have cheap beer everyday but I normally just get some mimosas they are pretty strong. They have bottomless mimosas for less than 15 dollars I believe it's worth it if you plan on drinking more than just one.

The staff has been nice every time I have breakfast here and the service is always on point. The only real problem is Sunday's, It can get pretty busy Sunday mornings for breakfast but even then the service has been top notch.

Justin L.9/24/2014 ***** Justin L. Las Vegas, NV

Lovely place! Walked around to find breakfast places open before 11 and found this gem! Gr8 food n service! Coffee was dee-lish!

Aubrey J.9/9/2014 *****  Aubrey J. Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, CA  

Best place for a Sunday Brunch!

Bottomless mimosas? "Yes Please!"

Food is great too! Something for everyone on the menu and everything I've ordered has come out hot and delicious!

Love this spot!

Suzi b.9/7/2014 *****  Suzi b. North Hollywood, CA

Bottomless mimosas, a great patio, not too bad of a wait time and great service.  My friends and I love this place.  Parking can sometimes be a little tricky but otherwise terrific all around.

Dani S.9/3/2014 ***  Dani S. West Palm Beach, FL

Everyone at the table ordered the Desparado, it was good, not the best we've ever had. Service was okay. Price was average. Menu is huge!

Amy B.8/28/2014 *** Amy B. Porter Ranch, CA

I always wanted to try this place but never really got around to it. I went with a couple friends to grab lunch today and overall it was a nice experience but not something I see myself going back for. We waited just five minutes and the guy at the host stand was very nice along with the wait staff. The place itself is a good size and has a nice outdoor area too. But the food wasn't anything too special. I got the Italian egg sandwich with potato fries - it was good but just nothing I see myself craving down the road. Huge menu though!

Cody A.8/20/2014 ***** Cody A. Los Angeles, CA

This is my go to spot with my girlfriend anytime we want a casual meal. It's really laid back, there's always parking, never a wait, and of course the food is really good.

If I was stranded on an island and only had access to their chicken fajitas I'd be content.  I usually end up getting the server that looks like Macaulay Culkin and he's great.. Attentive, nice, all that good stuff.

If you're in the mood for a casual dining experience without the hassles of your typical LA experience (no parking, lines, packed restaurant) then this is your spot.

Adrienne A.8/14/2014 ***** Adrienne A. North Hollywood, CA

EVERYTHING here is good, from the food to the service to the bar. Best Bloody Mary I've ever had. My husband loves the breakfast burritos, I'm a fan of the pumpkin waffles. Dinner is good here, too! My waiter handled my difficult mother-in-law amazingly well.

Parking is a pain on the weekends but there is street parking too. And we love to see all the dogs sitting outside in the sunshine under umbrellas. We really love this place!

Jamie M.8/7/2014 **** Jamie M. Los Angeles, CA

I really love having breakfast here.  Large patio, good food, bar, friendly service.  Just a comfortable place to relax and eat.  We drive 25 minutes to have breakfast here.  (I MUCH prefer the atmosphere here to the Sherman Oaks' Jinky's.) It's also open late.

Angel D.8/6/2014 **** Angel D.Studio City, Los Angeles, CA

1 check-in

This place was good. The host and waiters was nice. Their mac and cheese was average but their hot chocolate was great.

Jesse O.7/29/2014 ***** Jesse O. Los Angeles, CA

Request sara as your server. She is amazing. Then get the bottomless mimosas. Then have the most delightful brunch ever.

rtm r. 7/27/2014 ***** rtm r. Los Angeles, CA

Food was great! I had French Toast with eggs and bacon. It came out nice and Hot! My butter was melting on my French toast  this made me very happy! Most places I have to send my French toast or waffle back because it's cold and the butter won't melt  my aunt got the Bombay scrambled Roll was absolutely wonderful! I had a bite  Daniel is a good attentive server. Even though it was very busy he still did a great job!

Jasmine S.7/23/2014 ***** Jasmine S. Los Angeles, CA

I eat here pretty often. This is my favorite place to get savory crepes! And their coffee thermos is a great idea. I love the service and the dog friendly outdoor environment.

Jimmy G. 7/22/2014 Jimmy G. Sparks, NV

Jinkys is so amazing the menu is very eclectic with so many delicious things to choose from.  I usually go there for breakfast.  The chili is so good and so are their house made breakfast potatoes.  Parking situation isn't ideal that's the only negative to this place.

Kristan D. 7/21/2014 ***** Kristan D. Van Nuys, CA

2 check-ins

Great place for breakfast or lunch! Cheap drinks but delicious, you can either get an ice ice cold bottle of beer or a great mixed drink for super cheap!!  The chili is awesome!!!! Especially if you like spicy and no beans! Must get an order of tater tots!! Share with the table!

Also dog friendly on the patio!

Dan S.7/21/2014 *** Dan S. Burbank, CA

Had breakfast here with the girlfriend.  I went french toast and she went pancakes and we were both impressed.  They have an impressive chili menu and I'll be curious to come back and try some of those.  If you go on weekends, might want to pack some earplugs as it's a very family-friendly place, which means screaming babies/children!  BE WARNED!

Oh, also LOOK FOR STREET PARKING!!  They have a parking lot but it is the worst parking lot known to man.  If you park in the back section of it, good luck getting out as it's only ONE WAY and as your trying to turn around to get out, more people will be trying to get in only to realize there's no more room, so then they start to turn around... JUST AVOID IT.  Park on the street.  You'll be much happier, trust me.

Britta G.7/14/2014 **** Britta G. Los Angeles, CA

I really enjoyed this place! The menu is huge, and they have the BEST tater tots on earth.

I built my own scramble with mushrooms, avocado, and cheddar cheese. The ingredients were very fresh and I thought it was a great deal for $11.99 (came with tater tots and two pieces of toast).

Dan C.7/12/2014 *** Dan C.  North Hollywood, CA

2 check-ins

Jinky's is janky. Friendly staff and plenty of space inside and out but my vegan dish tasted a bit funky and the coffee was simply terrible. And all I wanted was a cup but got a $3.50 pot. I give them credit for big menu selection, staff, and layout but the actual food experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Literally

Rachelle L.7/11/2014 ***** Rachelle L. Los Angeles, CA

I love this place!  When my husband or friends ask me where I want to go for breakfast I always say Jinky's Studio City Cafe!

I love that they have so many options on their menu.  I always get the iced green tea.  It is Super delicious, and Super refreshing.  My favorite is creating my own scramble. Everytime I've been in there I've always had really good service.  They have many locations but this one has a patio.  People bring their dogs so you must love dogs to sit out there.  

The Studio City location is my favorite!  I love the Sherman Oaks location too, but the patio at this location wins me over =)

Peace, Love, and happy Yelping to you all  =)

Micki B.7/8/2014 ***** Micki B. VALLEY VILLAGE, CA

2 check-ins

This place is my Sunday brunch Mecca. This location in particular is really nice for indoor or outdoor seating, and even though it gets busy I feel like I've always had fast service.

Spare yourself and just park on Colfax. The lot is sometimes merciful, but there's also a crossfit studio in the plaza and you could potentially run over someone doing burpees in the parking lot. No, seriously.

The menu is HUUUUGE. You want pancakes, waffles, French toast? Done. Maybe egg Benedict, an omelet, or an innovative combo? Done. There's a ton of sandwiches and salads to choose from too. Each day they have about half a dozen chilis on tap, and will let you sample them beforehand. For the vegetarian, the chili isn't that great but everything - and I mean everything - on the menu can be tweaked or adjusted for whatever your dietary needs are.

It's all a bit hazy, but if you need recommendations I'd say: Santa Fe Scramble, Bananas Foster Pancakes, Rosemary Omelet, and the Himalayan (beef) chili are excellent.

Ryan M.7/5/2014 ***** Ryan M. Los Angeles, CA

How many places can you find willing to serve bottomless mimosas on a Friday?  Jinky's is one of the few.  Great place, nice clean and busy.  Definitely a studio city favorite.  I didn't see any celebs but I was mostly paying attention to my own date and downing mimosas!  Beside the champagne with a lighter citrus not quite OJ but very flavorful, we had the Nutella crepes which came out perfectly.  We also ordered an omelette which was very thick and flavorful.  I thought maybe a touch salty but I wasn't complaining.  Service was wonderful and attentive and knew when to give my date and I some space.  We never felt rushed or pressured to leave.  I definitely enjoyed jinky's all around.  We got out of there paying 58 dollars for two people, two entrees and each had the bottomless mimosas for 15 dollars each with purchase of an entree.  Can't wait to go back!

Melissa F.7/4/2014 ****  Melissa F. Chatsworth, CA

Went here for the first time. Ordered banana, strawberry and almond pancakes for about $12.99 and a small orange juice for $3.00. The stack was only 2. I think it's overpriced as it's nothing special but it is very fresh and it tasted great just basic. Service was good. I had to wait for the check for awhile but other than that cool breakfast place nothing out out of the ordinary.

Al V. 7/2/2014 ***** Al V. N HOLLYWOOD, CA

Where to start, how about the star of the eatery, "Jonathan." Jonathan greeted me moments upon entering Jinky's. He was genuinely polite and, "On the job!!" As I arrived during happy hour he related the specials, however, I had not eaten breakfast, and now six o'clock, the thought was consuming. Although a great pitch- I on the happy hour I ordered breakfast. Jonathan took my order and even convinced me without effort to have the tater tarts- awesome.

 As I am sitting hear I can hear the lively employees singing along with the music- that was quite nice, a singing bartender has to be a happy bartender. Otherwise I'd probably overhear complaints with her coworkers on how unhappy she is...(voices travel). I heard singing! And she wasn't bad- I actually feel relaxed and want to take a nap if that says anything to her soothing voice. And watching Jonathan walk about, seemingly without rest attending to others in the restaurant says something about his work ethic and yet I was not left forgotten.

I was set on breakfast but their happy hour menu looks inviting with great pricing. All in all I must say that Jonathan took exceptional care of me and for that and the above observations, five stars are well deserved. I hope you get a raise in pay Jonathan because as employees go, you are an asset and your value doesn't go unnoticed, thank you Jonathan. First time waiting on me, but not the last-I will be back for happy hour. Now the food: Fresh, cooked as I requested, no mistakes in the order and down right delicious. My breakfast hit the spot! Thanks again Jonathan!

Audrianna R. 6/29/2014 ***** Audrianna R. Lake Forest, CA

You feel like you should only give it 3 or 4 stars just because it's more of a breakfast lunch casual place. But the food is spot on big portions fresh so I have to give it 5 stars. Love the chocolate chip pancakes. Its not on the menu but they make an awesome Bloody Mary with sake that packs a punch.

Jessica G. 5/22/2014 ***** Jessica G. Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA

Jinky's is great! Service is excellent--great waitress and good, relaxed vibe and we brought our giant mastiff along who was allowed to sit with us outside! I had the chicken curry sandwich with a mimosa (and was offered the bottomless mimosa option for only $15) and my husband had the loaded burger with sweet potato fries. We will definitely be back for the bottomless mimosas on a day off after a hike without the pup!

Audrey N.4/8/2014 **** Audrey N. Irvine, CA

In love with this Studio City spot because they do bottomless mimosa for $15/person!!! And you can sit outside in the patio.  If you know me....I LOVE MIMOSA! =D  I came here with my friends for a late lunch last Thursday.  We had service was good, nothing went wrong there.  =D  

Artcha L.Artcha L. 4/6/2014 **** Charlottesville, VA

Had cravings for eggs benedict so I went there for brunch. I ordered it with lox because I was feeling adventurous that day. It was a great choice! So yummy. The staffs were very attentive. Will have to come back again to try their crepes.

Kate M.3/21/2014 ***** Kate M. Los Angeles, CA

I love Jinky's Studio City! So fun and friendly, and they have TATER TOTS! And mimosas! Definitely a hangover greasy spoon spot, when I just want big servings and great service.

The eggs, sandwiches, TATERS, so good!

Photo of Shanee M.Shanee M. 3/16/2014 ***** Winnetka, CA

This place is great!  The bananas foster pancakes are the best!  A must try!  My kids love the crepes.  We have been here for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have never been disappointed.  The menu is really extensive.  So much to try but its really difficult for me to venture off their breakfast menu.  Its so good!  The staff has always been super nice too!  

The decor of the cafe is really comfortable.  It looks like a home.  I love the flooring and the patio is really nice too.  They have outdoor heaters that help if it gets a little cold outside.

Rosy H.Rosy H. 3/9/2014 ***** Los Angeles, CA

I have been coming to Jinky's for about two years now. It's very good! My fiancé and I always order the Jinky's favorite omelette with spicy Italian sausage and sometimes I add jalapeños or green peppers (depends on my mood) and we split that (big portions) along with the breakfast potatoes. We also order the Flaky French Toast and split that. Note that we split both at one sitting.. It's delicious! Coffee is good too. Service is good as well, nice friendly staff.