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4000 Colfax  Ave, Studio City 91604

Phone: 818 284 6972 

Fax:      818 308 8922

Open: Sunday to Wed from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm Thurs to Saturday from 7:30 am to 11pm


8/4/2016 **** Keyona F. Los Angeles, CA

Cool, fun, little diner type place. Great for date night / afternoon or just dinner with friends.

8/3/2016 ***** Lynn L. North Hollywood, CA

My husband and I have been Jinky's "regulars" for years. We go there at least once a week for dinner and often for breakfast because of the consistently good food and friendly atmosphere. Jonathan especially, treats us like family. Jinky's has delicious fajitas, chili, pastas, salads, and much more. Humm, I'm getting hungry!

8/2/2016 ***** Justin M. Encino, CA

My go to spot for Vegan chili. Sitting on the patio is always great, and Johnny who's usually our server is awesome!

8/2/2016 **** Jesus A. Los Angeles, CA

The food is delicious, the vibe is pretty rad, and the food is DELICIOUS! Had the jinkys nitro omelette, order of the chilaquiles, and the blueberry banana strawberry crepe! We were very satisfied! It also seems that they have really good happy hour specials, of which I'll have to try soon! All in all, a definite must try!

8/2/2016 ***** Judy C. Studio City, CA

Well, I must admit (gladly) that Jinkys is doing things right. A few glitches here and there, but their efforts to improve are amazing. Brenda is an added benefit, and I know she wants the best for patrons and her people. I applaud them for turning things around. Will continue to come here. Food is good, Freddy loves it, and the staff is awesome!

8/1/2016 ***** Sam C. Los Angeles, CA

Wow what a difference a yelp review makes.I returned today to use an an expired Groupon for face value. I got the usual crispy chicken salad, very good and big, BUT the real treat was the outstanding improvement in service I received from Zack, my waiter. He was attentive , checked on me more than once and sincerely thanked me for coming.. Big Improvement from the last 5 times here!!

7/22/2016 **** Jessica W. Los Angeles, CA

This is one of my favorite spots. They have breakfast all day long and their tater tots would make Napoleon Dynamite jealous. Real talk. Those are some tots worthy of carrying in your cargo pocket to eat later. When you're starving... And haven't eaten anything all day.

7/15/2016 **** J B. Studio City, CA

Jinky's is making a strong comeback!

I was offered a refund/gift certificate from a representative online but I didn't want them to know it was me if I decided to give this place another chance.  

1st return visit 8 weeks ago:

Midday, alone and sat at the bar. I wasn't hungry but ordered exactly what I had the last time to see if the service had changed. It was fantastic.. However it was from a gentleman by the name of Zachary that nevers works behind the bar area. But I'm glad it was him.

2nd return visit 6 weeks ago:

5 people in our party, seated inside on a Sunday afternoon. They were visiting from Texas. They enjoyed the food and service.

3rd return visit 2 weeks ago:

I sat at the bar alone right after the Saturday rush. Thank goodness I saw a face I remembered from when I stopped going by the name of Angello. He's always great and quickly to help others on his team. He's not stuck on.."That's not my table or my customer".

6/17/2016 **** Dana K. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

Jinky's, a perfect place to go to eat with your best friend.....I mean your furry best friend!

I have loved this places for years. My favorite food to eat is breakfast food, especially for dinner. Does that sound a little backwards? Jinky's doesn't think. Their breakfast is so yummy and you can order it anytime of the day! I have been to several of Jinky's locations but I like this one in particular because they have a nice size patio.

If you like a menu with a lot of variety this is your place. You will have a hard time making a decision with their endless choices of pancakes and breakfast meals. They have tons of other food choices too but I stick to what I like best. I got an egg white breakfast burrito. My only complaint was that they charge almost $3 dollars to substitute egg whites which I thought was a lot of money. However, our waitress was very apologetic and explained that the prices for egg whites have gone up.

The biggest surprise for me was their desserts. I have never tried any of their dessert before in all the times I had been there before. I think it's because I always got pancakes...and pancakes are kind of like dessert.

They had the BEST dessert and you MUST try it!

I got the deep-fried red velvet Oreos. It might be one of the best desserts I have ever tasted. If you like the fried, sweet, or Oreos it would definitely be something that you NEED to try. I don't even want to think about how many calories it had.

I had hiked right before I got here so I felt a little less guilty. I had taken my dog Yogi hiking with me and was happy to find out that Jinky's was dog friendly. They had dog bowls placed all over the patio and they were helpful providing Yogi with a bowl of water. They also let me put in a special order for Yogi's dinner. I ordered chicken and rice and he ate while we ate.

I can definitely say everyone was a happy camper, especially Yogi!

6/4/2016 ***** Sunny D. Los Angeles, CA

Their bagels and lox, chicken chili, eggs bene, and champagne brunch ...of the hook. Love the Agoura location as well.

5/19/2016 **** Teresa W. Central Business District, New Orleans, LA

I had to wait a bit for my food, which was delicious, but my waiter, Gustavo, was wonderful.  He just went nonstop serving the patrons, etc.