Jinky’s Studio City 

4000 Colfax  Ave, Studio City 91604

Phone: 818 284 6972 

Fax:      818 308 8922

Open Every Day 7:30 am to 10:00 pm


D K.

8/12/2017 ***** D K. VALLEY VILLAGE, CA

OMG! Of course my dinner was perfectly cooked, as usual, but seriously, I didn't think Jinky's could get any better; but the homemade Grilled Fruit dessert with fresh grilled peaches, luscious whipped cream, rich vanilla ice cream, and caramelized candied pecans, all drizzled with delicate honey and a light fruit syrup, is AMAZING!

Take Christina's word for it...it's her favorite dessert here and now it's mine, too!  This dessert is fantastic as is, but if I could convince the chef to infuse some cinnamon into the fruit syrup (or heck, just melt some red hots and put them on there), this dessert would cross over to absolutely otherworldly!

Either way, when you come to Jinky's, be sure to save room for dessert!

Kristy T.

7/9/2017 **** Kristy T.  North Hollywood, CA

The food was good and the service was great. I'd return.

7/2/2017 ***** D K. VALLEY VILLAGE, CA

I had to work late on a Sunday night and I was starving. I took a chance Jinky's was still open, but got there literally 2 minutes before the kitchen closed. Ashley and Christina were able to get my order into the kitchen in time by being totally awesome. The food and service here are the best. Thank you for fantastic service and thank you, chefs, for not making me eat cereal for dinner!

7/1/2017 ***** Swerve J. San Francisco, CA

One of my favorite brunch spots to eat at in LA! Bottomless mimosas and the best RED VELVET PANCAKES EVER!!! My waitress Christina was so sweet and charming.

6/24/2017 **** Ryan S. Pasadena, CA

Well, first visit ever to Jinky's and we chose a Friday evening at about 7pm -- 06/23/2017 to be exact.

Anyway, we were seated promptly and had a very nice server.   We didn't get any beverages; however, we noticed we just missed happy hour.

We got two entrees and then split.  One of them was a delicious omelette and the other was a grilled chicken sandwich.  Both I would classify as a solid good meal.  I would rate them between good and very good.

The menu was varied, and they had so many options to choose from.  I would definitely come back to Jinky's again and order something completely different.  I'm sure it would be good, very good or even excellent.  I noticed they have an extensive chili menu, and I would like to try that next time.