Jinky’s Thousand Oaks


1724 E Avenida De Los Arboles Thousand Oaks, CA 91362  

Phone: 805 413 4903 

Fax:     805 493 8027

Open everyday from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.

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Elizabeth Martinez

7/01/2018 ***** Elizabeth Martinez

Great food and service!!


Deb Monreal

6/30/2018 ***** Deb Monreal

Food was amazing. Wait staff was awesome!

Holden Williams

6/24/2018 ***** Holden Williams

Great place for breakfast lunch and dinner. Great staff and really good food.

Shay M.

5/30/2018 ***** Shay M. Thousand Oaks, CA

Five stars because the owner reached out. That's good business. I appreciate the fact that the owner made it better.

Kristina M.

5/27/2018 ***** Kristina M. Monterey Park, CA

Jinky's pleasantly surprised me. We tried to come early for a Mother's Day brunch, so it ended up being a 15-minute wait. Which didn't seem bad at all and actually grew longer by the time we left.

I love eggs benedict, so I got the crab cake eggs benedict. The last time I've had this was in Seattle and it was one of the best eggs benedict I've ever had. Their house hollandaise sauce was pretty delicious! The potatoes that accompanied it were kind of ordinary but I love some potatoes for breakfast.

Their breakfast burrito comes with chorizo (there's a vegetarian version too!), scrambled eggs, diced tomatoes, cheese and diced potatoes. It comes with pea guacamole and if you've never had pea guacamole, this is actually quite delicious here!

I did not miss avocado and found it to be really flavorful. I would love to steal their pea guacamole recipe. The plus side of their breakfast burrito was that it was not greasy or too heavy. It actually felt good eating it.

If you are watching what you're eating, there are definitely some healthy options on the menu. Definitely a win in my book!

Mr. H.

5/14/2018 ***** Mr. H. Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA

Stuck waiting at the Thousand Oaks DMV? Check out Jinky's Cafe which shares the DMV parking lot.

Much more comfortable than the birthplace of CiCi's Cafe (Jinky's Sherman Oaks). The service is better than @ Jinky's Agoura Hills. A full bar is adorned with one of the five TVs. Great for large parties. The food is excellent.

Do yourself a favor, and respect the heat values when ordering from Jinky's Gourmet Chili Menu. The waitstaff was SUPER EXCELLENT. Seating features large comfortable booths. Wifi is perfect.