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Jinky’s West Hills

22818 Vanowen street, West Hills CA -91307

Phone: (818) 912 6895

Fax:      (818) 912 6926 

HOURS 8:00am to 10:00 pm Daily.

Free Muffin or Croissant with any coffee purchase!

Samosa & Chai $3


loreen halas

1/15/2020 ***** loreen halas West Hills, CA

Very excited when we saw this place was gonna be opening up. Had lunch today and the food was excellent!! Can't wait to go back again and try some of the other menu items. This place is awesome!!

Jordan Azulay

1/2/2020 ***** Jordan Azulay Thousand Oaks, CA

Don't go to the crave just go here. They have all the same stuff it is really good and affordable.

Ken Forman

12/18/2019 ***** Ken Forman Thousand Oaks, CA

Jinkys is always great and this place is as good or better, food was excellent and fresh service was very professional and personalized, smaller friendly place we will for sure be back with my wife and daughters.

rajinder kumar

12/22/2019 ***** rajinder kumar Thousand Oaks, CA

This was the first time I tried Jinky's. I loved it, customer service and atmosphere was awesome.