A.M.Breakfast Sandwich

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 Early in the morning, nothing would sit better than a sandwich that Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis all might agree upon for rejuvenation after another long rowdy night. Two fried eggs, bacon, tomato and melted cheddar cheese on grilled sourdough - served with Jinky potatoes. Substitute bacon for sausage or ham…add $1.50. The real deal when it comes to a breakfast menu.

served with choice of:
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Sausage - $1.50
Ham - $1.50


5/9/2017 **** Sandy C. Agoura Hills, CA

This has been one of my go to places since high school in 2012! I've only had breakfast food,but for those with a sweet tooth, the pancakes, crunchy French toast are delicious and my go to!


It's always very busy when I'm there, but the longest I've had to wait for seating is 10 minutes. The servers are all very kind.


After my mom and I went hiking, we went here for breakfast and I got a healthier option! The guacamole toast! It was delicious! I love their tater tots as well and their guacamole had a lot of flavor. My mom got an omelette, and if you love cheese, this place is a must. They pack a lot of meat and cheese in your omelette!! This place will always be a nostalgic place for me and place to visit when I swing by agoura!

4/5/2017 ***** Jessica R. San Fernando, Los Angeles, CA

Delicious Oriental chicken salad. That's the only thing I've tried from here so far, and I always place my order to go. The employees seem nice and the crowd is always moderate to heavy any given day of the week.

Erica M.

3/10/2017 ***** Erica M. Marietta, GA

Fantastic location to the pier and all the surrounding shops. A great find while visiting Santa Monica to fuel our day of exploring the area.

I really enjoyed that there was an ample amount of selection for breakfast and not the usual two eggs with a meat and potatoes option. Another bonus was that the serving size was either a litte portion or the regular.  For those of us not wanting to over-indulge this was a great option.