Belgian Waffle

Belgian Waffle_N

Freshly made and dusted with powdered sugar. A timeless Los Angeles breakfast menu item! Amy Poehler would probably give this waffle two thumbs up and take dozens home.

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  Sierra MTN. Breakfast $4.79 Extra
  Cinnamon $1.00
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Quincy M.

12/28/2018 ***** Quincy M. Palmdale, CA

Ate there for breakfast yesterday. Our server, Miso, was outstanding. My wife has Celiac, and he made absolutely sure that the kitchen was informed of her condition and took every precaution to keep her safe.

Oh, and the food was good, too -- but mainly come for Miso.

Matthew Samuel

10/25/2018 ***** Matthew Samuel Studio City, CA

They do a really good menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner items big portions and never normally a wait for a table.

Barbara Petty

8/05/2018 ***** Barbara Petty Los Angeles, CA

Excellent for brunch!