BMO Scramble


Bacon, mushrooms and onions. This is how Taylor Lautner might want his breakfast to be, simple and classic!
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7/16/2016 **** Jim R. Minneapolis, MN

Stopped in again for breakfast nearly 3-1/2 years after writing my original review.

This time we were visiting our son out in Santa Monica on an internship.  I'm happy to say the place still holds up well.  Servers are still cheerful and friendly, food is still good and I especially like the 7:30 am opening time-perfect for travelers from other U.S. timezones.  Another nice feature of their menu is that you can order half sizes of many of the items-perfect for smaller appetites.

I enjoyed the Berry Happy crepes (2 large folded crepes with a mixed berry sauce). Our son had a huge breakfast sandwich with crispy bacon, cheese and eggs and my wife had the Mac-n-cheese eggs scramble.

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