BMO Scramble


Bacon, mushrooms and onions. This is how Taylor Lautner might want his breakfast to be, simple and classic!
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Kaelyn F.

12/31/2018 ***** Kaelyn F. Thousand Oaks, CA

I love going here for breakfast and am never disappointed. Usually get an some egg dish and then share a pumpkin pancake with the table. The food is always good for breakfast.

Sharla B.

7/17/2018 ***** Sharla B. Culver City, CA

I love this place for breakfast. I am not a big eater so being able to order half sizes is perfect for me. I pretty much always get the BMO scramble (bacon, mushroom, onions) with cottage cheese and fruit for my sides. They have other options of course. But really anything you order here will be delicious.

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