Bombay Scramble Roll


 Even Mila Kunis might not have the words to describe how delectable this breakfast is. Scrambled egg whites or tofu with diced red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and  chopped serrano chilies sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with Garam Masala (Indian all spice) and rolled in whole wheat flat bread. Served with a side of fruit.

Small - $9.29
Large - $12.79
Select One:
with egg whites
with tofu


Sam C.

5/11/2017 ***** Sam C. Los Angeles, CA

Jinkys hit a homerun today..they were better than  my last visit..2 times in a row waiter staff friendly and attentive.


I even took note to how they were with other customers…Portions even seemed larger..I think i may be back to being a regular.

Rebecca D.

4/17/2017 ***** Rebecca D. Los Angeles, CA

Jinky's is always a dependable go to for me. I work right around the corner and stop in frequently for breakfast or to pick up an order.


The portions are hearty. The servers are attentive, efficient, and friendly. And the food is always delicious and filling.


I love that they serve breakfast all day and I have never been disappointed with the service or food for as long as I have been coming here (over a year now). I would highly recommend this place!

3/11/2017 **** Richard S. Moorpark, CA

Healthy selection of foods, pleasant clean atmosphere, and breakfast is served all day and night :)