Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad_N

An all time, international favorite! Romaine lettuce tossed with herbed croutons, shredded parmesan cheese and of course, caesar dressing.
  with chicken breast $3.00
  with shrimp (5 pcs.) $5.00
  with beef $3.00
  with ahi tuna $5.00
  with turkey patty $3.00
  with salmon $5.00
  with vegan chicken patty $3.00
  with grilled chicken pieces $1.25
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9/12/2016 ***** Rebecca R. Thousand Oaks, CA

Love this mini version of Jinkys cafe. They have a great selection of chili. They also have healthy options like quinoa and the salad was loaded and delicious. The staff is wonderful and i’ll go back from more very soon

9/3/2016 ***** Betsy M. Alexandria, VA

Fun, interesting menu takes breakfast in new directions. Lots of vegetables , fresh sauces, and even multiple kinds of chili let you have a great breakfast and they even offer two sizes of everything.