Chili Omelette Supreme

Chili Omelette Supreme_N

Filled with choice of gourmet chili, chopped potato, red onions and cheddar cheese, topped with sliced avocado and cilantro -served with a side of salsa fresca and sour cream. This could challenge the hotness level of Penelope Cruz.
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Small - $12.99
Large - $16.59
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Egg whites only add - $1.50
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Uranthus W.

10/8/2017 ***** Uranthus W. Missouri City, TX

Was looking for a spot with good breakfast. This place doesn't disappoint. Good portion size and casual enough for the kiddos.

7/30/2017 **** Heather H. Ventura County, CA

Okay, I literally only come here for the chili. The selection of chilis they have each day is random and posted up on a blackboard at the rear of the restaurant. My favorite one of all is the Oaxaca.

It's got that perfect slow-burn spicy going on that sneaks up on you as you fill up.  Totally up my alley.

The brunch here is also quite nice.

7/28/2017 **** Tiffany D. Calabasas, CA

Menu has large variety of options so beware if you're visiting on an empty tummy.  

My go to drink/ addiction is their Mint Lemonade I get it blended but you can get it on the rocks.

I had the Small tuna melt and it was crisp and melt in your mouth delicious, the sweet potato fries are great.Their Onion rings are the BEST one of my fave Jinkys items.

I've had plenty of items on the menu from pancakes, to salads, to sandwiches, the hangover burger, chili, & presto pasta. Jinkys has an all around great menu! I recommend x10.

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