Classic Benedict

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With Thomas english muffin, ham, poached eggs and the house hollandaise sauce. This is a breakfast that might even have Hugh Grant wake up early. Simple yet delicious food.
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Sal Perez

12/25/2018 ***** Sal Perez Santa Monica, CA

Very good Gluten free pancakes. Tater tots were great. The chicken breakfast sausage was delicious. Eggs Benedict was good.

Shaeda M.

11/8/2018 **** Shaeda M.  Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Started off with a yummy Bloody Mary that was just perfect. The bacon was exactly as we ordered crispy but not burned. Enjoyed the Eggs Benedict and those tater tots are so crispy delicious. Tried reaching out to the other plates got a hand slap and a don't touch.

Even though they were super busy, appreciate the excellent customer service and cleanliness of the restaurant. Not sure if will back towards this direction but will definitely check out other locations of Jinky's.

Ken M.

5/14/2018 ***** Ken M. Novi, MI

Good food great service. Classic Benedict very tasty.

Here on a Monday morning at 8:00 am so I can't say if it's like this all the time but if it is it'll be worth a visit.