Crab Cake Benedict

Crab Cake Benedict_N

 With large Thomas english muffins, poached eggs, crab cakes and the house hollandaise sauce. This is the most delicious breakfast in LA. Even Kristen Bell might have to put this breakfast to the test.

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Sheri Alvandian

12/18/2018 ***** Sheri Alvandian Studio City, CA

Enjoy the food everytime we eat there!

Rebecca Howard

8/08/2018 ***** Rebecca Howard Studio City, CA

Always fab.

Kristina M.

5/27/2018 ***** Kristina M. Monterey Park, CA

Jinky's pleasantly surprised me. We tried to come early for a Mother's Day brunch, so it ended up being a 15-minute wait. Which didn't seem bad at all and actually grew longer by the time we left.

I love eggs benedict, so I got the crab cake eggs benedict. The last time I've had this was in Seattle and it was one of the best eggs benedict I've ever had. Their house hollandaise sauce was pretty delicious! The potatoes that accompanied it were kind of ordinary but I love some potatoes for breakfast.

Their breakfast burrito comes with chorizo (there's a vegetarian version too!), scrambled eggs, diced tomatoes, cheese and diced potatoes. It comes with pea guacamole and if you've never had pea guacamole, this is actually quite delicious here!

I did not miss avocado and found it to be really flavorful. I would love to steal their pea guacamole recipe. The plus side of their breakfast burrito was that it was not greasy or too heavy. It actually felt good eating it.

If you are watching what you're eating, there are definitely some healthy options on the menu. Definitely a win in my book!