Crispy Chicken Salad

Crispy Chicken Salad_N

Mixed greens overflowing with B vitamins combined with lycopene-rich sun dried tomatoes, asparagus, red onion and fiber powered corn kernel. Topped generously with parmesan cheese and served with boneless chicken cutlets deep fried to crispy perfection, this is one chicken salad that redefines the standards!
Select dressing:
  With Chicken Breast $3.00
  with shrimp (5 pcs) $5.00
  with beef $3.00
  with turkey patty $3.00
  with salmon $5.00
  with vegan chicken patty $3.00
  Gulten Free
  with grilled chicken pieces $2.00


Jill Marie Bartling

1/21/2019 ***** Jill Marie Bartling Santa Monica, CA

We've been to Santa Monica several times and it's our favorite breakfast/brunch stop.   Service is always great and the food is delicious, every time!   Pancakes are a must if you visit here!

Virginie NJ

12/14/2018 ***** Virginie NJ Santa Monica, CA

Nice service. Nice breakfast. I recommend!

Kent Lowry

7/23/2018 ***** Kent Lowry Agoura Hills, CA

Great food for all times of the day, especially pumpkin pancakes and various kinds of chili!