Chili Mac & Cheese

Chili Mac & Cheese

Chilli Mac n Cheese Wish Granted.JPG Our homemade rich mac &  cheese is made  with sharp cheddar, herbed  goat  cheese, parmesan and fontina cheeses. Jinky’s combination of chili and  pasta is a dream come true.


Choose your Chili:
Baja Fresca* (6)
Boston Turkey (5)
Chili Verde
Colorado Beef
Devilo (10+)
East Indian Chicken (7)
El Paso (5)
Garlic Lover's (7)
Hickory Turkey (4)
Himalayan Beef (8)
Jinky's Veggie Delight (4)
Mama Sara's Midwestern Chili* (3)
Mexicali* (5)
Oaxaca (7)
Roasted Garlic Chicken (6)
Pasilla Turkey
Southwestern Pork (6)
Spicy Mango Chicken (8)
Veggie Fiesta* (2)
Please call for your order to ensure availability.


5/6/2017 ***** Jonathan M. Thousand Oaks, CA

Our server, Jorge, was very patient and helpful with my beer selections - bringing me a sample of the MadeWest IPA that was on tap. I loved it and ordered a large! We ordered the 4 chili sampler as an appetizer and it was quite good. We told our server Jorge to make our chili selections for us as long as none were vegetarian or vegan (haha).


Jorge brought us the Boston, Himalayan, El Paso and Ranchero. My date really liked the Boston turkey chili and took it all for herself. I enjoyed the curry flavors in the Himalayan despite the clove being a little

strong. Both the El Paso and Ranchero had very forward tomato flavors that I really liked. My date had the side salad which was actually pretty substantial. She had me finish it for her and it seemed more like an entree salad.


I chose to go with the pesto chicken ciabatta sandwich and was not disappointed. Lots of pesto on a fresh, soft ciabatta roll. I felt like it could have had a bit more chicken on the sandwich but I was already slowing down half-way through from having already finished 3 out of 4 chili samples and a pint of beer. The fries were hot, crispy and plentiful! I took half my sandwich and some fries in a to-go box.

Nathan O.

4/30/2017 ***** Nathan O. Santa Monica, CA

If you are looking for the definition of a 'hidden gem', look no further. Jinky's is a top food haven disguised as a coffee shop/cafe. If you walk by too fast you'll miss it since it sits back off the street.


My reason for eating there is their chili. It comes in several degrees of spicy from somewhat hot to scorching. They have chili with beans and without, with chicken,with beef and other variations. This is a one stop shop for good meals and amazing chili.

4/17/2017 **** Camila D. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

We come here often because it's walking distance from our house. The service is good and we love the food. Plus it's convenient.


We love all of the different styles of chili that they have. Try the Chilli Jumble and mix the Boston turkey with Oaxaca - yum!