Even Taylor Swift wouldn’t even be desperate after eating this burrito. (A Grande Breakfast Burrito) A hardy blend of scrambled eggs, red onions, diced tomatoes and ortega chilies, cheddar cheese, chopped potatoes and Jody Maronis Turkey- Chicken Chorizo  (or vegetarian chorizo)  served with pea guacamole, salsa fresca & sour cream. Enjoy!


Jennifer F.

12/9/2018 ****Jennifer F. San Buenaventura (Ventura), CA

Pretty large place, three rooms. Small parking lot.

Spicy Chilaquiles were good! Good spicy salsa, eggs over easy were perfect!

Desperado Burrito with Himalayan beef chili was super good the Indian spices were great! Food came out quick, even for a busy Sunday.

Kevin Sloan

7/20/2018 ***** Kevin Sloan Agoura Hills, CA

Great place for breakfast, huge selection.

Stein M.

3/9/2018 ***** Stein M. North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Really appreciate the good service here. Food is always good, but want to make mention of waiters named Paul and Alex. Very friendly and made my family feel very comfortable. Has a nice Studio City/Hollywood feel and I generally recommend this Jinky's when we have out of town guests.