Even Taylor Swift wouldn’t even be desperate after eating this burrito. (A Grande Breakfast Burrito) A hardy blend of scrambled eggs, red onions, diced tomatoes and ortega chilies, cheddar cheese, chopped potatoes and Jody Maronis Turkey- Chicken Chorizo  (or vegetarian chorizo)  served with pea guacamole, salsa fresca & sour cream. Enjoy!


Paul Sokolowski

1/24/2020 ***** Paul Sokolowski Agoura Hills, CA

A very large menu if you have a picky eater they'll probably be able to find something to eat. And very reasonably priced.

Photo of Eric K.

12/23/2019 **** Eric K. Cincinnati, OH

Great place with sort of a diner ambiance. My partner suggested this as a hidden gem that he'd frequented during the time he lived in L.A., and I was not disappointed. I ordered the Desperado, which is essentially a breakfast burrito. I was skeptical of the "pea guacamole", but it actually was delicious (I think I tasted cumin and other spices).

My partner had the banana Nutella pancakes -- it was a huge portion, and he has leftovers that would constitute an entire meal.

The waitstaff was very friendly and prompt, and the food delivery was faster than I expected. Keep up the good work!

broussard george

11/19/2019 ***** broussard george Los Angeles, CA

Great place to come and enjoy with family.