East Indian Chicken (7)

East Indian Chicken_N

Curry lovers, this chili is for you. Lean ground chicken soaked in a tomato, curry sauce just takes you to a little piece of heaven with every bite!
Cost  $7.25
Chicken Cup
Chicken Bowl - $4.00
Chicken Club Sampler 4/ Chilis - $5.00


7/16/2016 **** Jason H. Thousand Oaks, CA

Let me start by saying this place is very clean, seems to be well managed and everyone wears gloves when handling the food. A LOT of places think customers don’t notice but I refuse to give any place business who doesn’t care enough about their customers to wear some disposable gloves when preparing food.. so props to them on that.

Also ignore all the reviews where people are b*tching about the service, the service is great here. They have 8 or 9 flavors and I sampled them all and I recommend you do as well to see which one you like best before ordering. The staff is very cool about letting you sample each one.

Overall, the place is clean, well managed and I thought the chilis all had good flavors.

7/14/2016 ***** Vanessa V. Gardena, CA

Came here with my boyfriend and ordered the Boston turkey chili which was absolutely delicious! I didn't think a turkey chili could be so flavorful. My boyfriend ordered the burger with fries which he loved as well. I'd come back.

7/3/2016 **** Jared M. Mesa, AZ

The flavors are fantastic and they actually make their chilli spicy!

6/28/2016 ***** Joey M. Los Angeles, CA

5 star all the way...amazing service...hot, fast, fresh food. ..all natural ingredients. ..and the chilli is F-ing amazing! !!

I was reading previous reviews about a burger not being fresh. I am not sure what they mean...based on my visit... because I saw the cook make 2 fresh burgers for the order ahead of me and was told they were yummy!

5/20/2016 ***** Nigel S. Santa Monica, CA

I'm a big fan of chili, especially spicy chili! I had a spicy chili omelette for breakfast and it was the best decision I made all day.

The manager, Kathleen waited on us and she was the sweetest most generous server. I really enjoyed my time there and I will absolutely go back!

5/15/2016 **** Lily G. Van Nuys, CA

I love jinky's cafe for so many reasons...the variety of food items and huge menu, their healthy options, and the fact that they have delicious coffee too :) I recently tried their ice blended vanilla drink and it was so good!!!

I love their pancakes, and always want to order everything on the menu! Be prepared to be patient . Good side is that there usually isn't a wait and if there is, it is not very long.

5/9/2016 ***** Erick B. Los Angeles, CA

If you looking for a great place to eat and chill definitely this is the spot for you. Not only the food is delicious but the staff omg!! Super super friendly.

I had the chance to meet Brenda the manager and she clearly loves her job. She made us feel super comfortable and welcome, which not a lot of ppl know how to do... I'm definitely going back . Thank you for the amazing service Brenda!!