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East Indian Chicken (7)

East Indian Chicken_N

Curry lovers, this chili is for you. Lean ground chicken soaked in a tomato, curry sauce just takes you to a little piece of heaven with every bite!
Cost  $7.25
Chicken Cup
Chicken Bowl - $4.00
Chicken Club Sampler 4/ Chilis - $5.00


2/16/2016***** Jack G. Studio City, CA

With space inside and out you can bring your dog and sit in the sun or shade and check out some of the Studio City cuties your choice of various egg white omelettes and other dishes such as their specialty Chili's make the studio café the place to be. I haven't had a bad dish since they opened.

Inside the walls are peppered with original movie posters and the mixologist really makes some tasty drinks. It's so hard to pick out any specific dishes except you have to be aware there is one part of the menu that features healthy food. Do check that out you won't be disappointed.

1/22/2016***** Tracey X. Oak Park, CA

I loved this place, I got a grupon $30 for $13. Great deal.  I ordered a turkey chili and my hubby ordered a greek salad, both dishes were very tasteful and we shared them.

100% recommended

1/20/2016**** vicki h. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Awesome food lots of choices great chili choices great salads passion tea is delicious

1/10/2016**** West Coast C. Manhattan Beach, CA

Good service. Great food. They have excellent vegan and vegetarian options. We ordered the chili omelet with tofu for my vegan husband and I ordered the veggie delite omelet for myself.

1/7/2016**** Wayne H. Sacramento, CA

The Hangover burger is my weekly treat to myself.  So freaking good.  Also love trying the different chilis on occasion and all-day breakfast is never a bad thing.

1/2/2016***** Janet R  Agoura CA

Jinky's is always good--they have a 4 chili sampler meal and you can ask for a taste if you are concerned about the spiciness of any chili--which are rated based on heat level 1-10+. Very family friendly and right in the Trader Joe's lot with plenty of free parking.

11/16/2015 **** Celina B. Thousand Oaks, CA

We love Jinky's.  The location makes us forget it exist, but when we do remember, we're glad we did. The kids love the French toast and pancakes.  We love the chili variety and the Agoura sandwich.  Yum!  Haven't had a bad experience yet.  Staff is always friendly.

11/8/2015***** Katherine R. Hendersonville, TN

My first night in town to visit the fam, and my parents suggested Jinky's. I ordered the California sandwich, and it was amazing! Turkey, avocado, mushrooms, Ortega chilies and cheese on perfectly grilled garlic sourdough bread. I made everyone at the table listen to me bite into my sandwich because of the amazing crunch. I was called a nerd, but I don't care because--no joke--that was the best grill job on a sandwich ever. Lol.

A bit pricier than your average casual fare, but I think the quality of ingredients warrants that. I'll be back for sure!

10/26/2015***** Nima S. Dana Point, CA

Super good!  They are known for their Chili, and did not disappoint.  Had a cup of the Boston Turkey Chile, BBQ Chicken sandwich- and the most amazing dessert!!!  The banana flake have to get this!  Stoked to find another local place that rocks!

10/1/2015***** Ilene4 Oak Park, California

Been to Jinky's many times, menu is huge, a lot of healthy choices, kids & hubby love their fries. They are great with substitutions. I like the wraps. All different kinds of chili, you can sample them first to figure out what you want.

9/22/2015**** Bonnie N. Redwood City, CA

I like this place. Clean, nice decorations, and kind staff. Service was a little slow though. I ordered chili sampler, quinoa with a fried egg dish, & protein platter -all delicious! I will be back.

9/20/2015***** Afshin K.  Woodland Hills, Los

Ancient China gave us the great wall--the Greeks, democracy. NASA put man on the moon and Jinky's discovered Himalayan Beef Chili.

But the constitution of a true gourmet establishment can hardly be defined by the mere sustenance that is processed through its kitchen however--rather, the people.

If there was ever a philosopher among restauranteurs, his name would be Tony, son of Greg of The Thousand Kingdoms of Oaks.

It could be said that Plato omitted a fourth category of citizen from his ideological Republic--and that is the Restaurant Manager.  I like to refer to it as, a priest of hospitality.

If that ideal were to ever be materialized in an organic and conscious being, it would take shape in Tony.

While we didn't have the pleasure of being accommodated by another elite, Katie, she was quite lovely nonetheless.  The concept of "server" I learned today, can be taken to a higher, dare I say, divine status.  I can honestly say she is the sole reason I will return with such urgency.

So now the question begs--the true meaning of Yelp's existence and your visit to this review.  That is, 'would I recommend Jinky's?'

Well, in the words of Tolstoy, "...a man's every action is inevitably conditioned by what surrounds him and by his own body."

Therefore I conclude, engulf yourself at Jinky's. Eat, drink and be merry--fed by the nourishing food and people that constitute this utopia known as, Jinky's Cafe of Thousand Oaks.

9/16/2015**** Sadler W. Sherman Oaks, CA

First thing I noticed when I walked in was the cool, funky vibe without seeming overdone or forced.  Next was the friendly staff, everyone was great and just the right amount of friendly and attentive.  Food was very good, if a tad on the expensive side (but not unreasonably for the location).  Menu was a bit overwhelming since they have just about everything you can think of.  Overall it was very good for everyone in the family and we will be back...hoping to try one of the plethora of chilis that they have.  Also, if you are looking for an excuse to try it out, they often run Groupons.

9/5/2015***** Vibes O.  Santa Fe Springs, CA

Great food and nice view from the patio of the crossfit guys running around the restaurant. I had chili and they have five different kinds. Waiter was great too!

8/24/2015***** Gratitude G. Santa Monica, CA

Jinky's is one of those restaurants I've passed by about 20 times. Finally, I decided to stop in for Sunday brunch. 'Twas sunny and breezy and perfect for sitting on the outdoor patio.

Excluding the ghetto hot messes drunk off bottomless Mimosas to the right of my table, my friend and I decided Jinky's is the new Hugo's!!

I was tempted by the 15+ gourmet Chili's, but decided to order the egg white scramble with shrimp, capers, pesto sauce, scallions, and avocado. The scramble was the perfect size, with the perfect amount of salty capers seasoned throughout. I'm always cautious about ordering shellfish, but these baby shrimp were scrumptious.

My friend ordered the gluten free pesto pasta with salmon. The oily sauce was beyond DELISH! I thought it might have been better paired with shrimp and avocado, but the salmon was also D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

ALL DAY BREAKFAST + More Choices & Freedom than America could ever dream of....

P.S. Coming back for the pancakes when I have a cheat day.........

8/18/2015**** Sasha W. Los Angeles, CA

I came here because my friend Greg eats here every Thursday, and he always posts great pix of the fries. So I ordered chili fries (the turkey chili with red beans because it wasn't really hot). This was my breakfast/lunch, and it did not disappoint! Just really, really good! I hope to come back for a burger and fries soon

8/17/2015*****Case D. Los Angeles, CA

I went to Jinky's this weekend with my husband. I had the desperado and it was so yummy. My hubby is vegan and they have really good vegan choices. He had vegan Kung pao chicken and a vegan burger. He said they were amazing!

7/5/2015*****Hannah Y. Austell, GA

My friends and I decided to have Sunday brunch here today, July 5th, and it was an excellent choice. They have a menu that feeds even the vegans and vegetarians. I had the French toast topped with bananas and macadamia nuts, and it was divine. I was struggling to finish, but the food was so good I had to keep eating! I also had the sunshine smoothie which consist of banana, strawberry, and orange juice. It was nice and thick, just the way I like my smoothies. They also have bottomless mimosas on Sunday's for only 17 dollars with an entree. I will also add, that our server Cathleen was wonderful. If you decide to eat here, I definitely suggest requesting her. We had a great time here.

2/19/2015 ***** 7Coaster7 Agoura Hills, CA

Nice patio seating. Relaxing. Eggs Benedict is great. Good coffee. Different chili's everyday. All of them good

2/13/2015*****Jon W. Norton Fitzwarren, United Kingdom

A fine place to grab breakfast. Opens up at 7:30 and we were in straight away. Food was as you'd expect, nothing extraordinary but nothing wrong with it. I'd go again next time I'm back around Santa Monica.

2/10/2015*****Syber G. Los Angeles, CA

I like Jinky's because they have a pretty decent variety of foods to choose from and unlike many comparable places, they do them all deliciously.

Great place to have a late breakfast, but salads are great too. And the chilis (I usually go for the veggie ones) are great for nippy nights!

Pretty decent service too!

2/9/2015*****RN P. Anaheim, CA

If you're looking for a great breakfast place that is close to the promenade then this is your best choice. Great food and large portions!!  I will definitely be visiting this place again on my next weekend in Santa Monica