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East Indian Chicken (7)

East Indian Chicken_N

East Indian Chicken (7) Curry lovers, this chili is for you. Lean ground chicken soaked in a tomato, curry sauce just takes you to a little piece of heaven with every bite! Yummy! After a long day of making scientific discoveries, if you're like Kunal Nayyar then don't wait to discover the flavors inside this amazing chili. 
Cup - $6.95 - $6.95
Bowl/Pint - $9.95 - $9.95
Quart - $17.95 - $17.95
Please call for your order to ensure availability.


Amanda S. 7/3/2014 **** Amanda S.  Malibu, CA

The breakfast here is sooo good. They also do not rush you when you are eating.

Nice staff and they always get my order correct.

Julie F. 6/22/2014 **** Julie F. Santa Monica, CA

A ton of options on the menu.  Came here for Sunday brunch and was not disappointed.  We will definitely be back to try more items in the future.  My boyfriend had the Huevos Chili with the El Paso Chili and loved it.  I had the make-your-own flatbread pizza.  Both were really good and they were big portions.  

Aj E. 6/15/2014 **** Aj E. Central LA, CA

Food was great and they have a lot of selection. Also a very nice place to eat at. Right next to hotel Carmel which doesn't have the best of breakfast to offer.

Mark W. 6/2/2014 ***** Mark W. Overland Park, KS

Had a very good breakfast selection for me and my family. Good food and service, a nice local cafe feel.

Su L. 4/28/2014 **** Su L. Culver City, CA

Attended the yelp elite event at this place. I was very impressed by the great service and how friendly and helpful the servers were. This place has awesome chili  - tried at least 3 types of chili, one of which has some Indian twist. All of them were great! Love the red velvet pancakes with fresh fruit. On top of everything else and the cute interior, a solid four star joint.

Brandon L. 4/20/2014 ***** Brandon L. Avalon, CA

It's really just a solid breakfast spot with a ton of options. My girlfriend had the chili jumble and said it was "legit". I had the French toast combo and I must say- their French toast is awesome. Overall i like jinkys and I'll probably miss it when I move out of the neighborhood.

David S.3/9/2014 ***** David S. Encino, Los Angeles, CA

First time, been told by many I need to go. Lunch was great chili was delicious and spicy. Had all the garnish on the side and loved it. Wings were amazing just as the menu states. Spinach is salad was a little too chopped it bruised a little, but still good. Red velvet Oreos were just ok, not what I was expecting.

Ashley M.3/6/2014 **** Ashley M. Agoura Hills, CA

I've eaten here probably fifty times and have always had a good meal.

They have a very broad menu so there is something for everyone. They have daily chili specials which I often try. The heat level can vary by day, but it's always good.

If you're in the area check it out.

casualtraveler2011 12/31/2013 *****  Sacramento,CA

California“waiters can make the difference”A lot of times, regardless of the food, if you have a good waiter/waitress, your meal is just better! We went for lunch last week and all three meals were good. They serve different variations of chilies, some much hotter than others. I supposedly had the mildest one and I found it quite spicy! The chicken curry salad sandwich was a little bland but the turkey and pesto sandwich on a ciabatta bread was so big, we took it home as a left over. The Kobe hamburger was delicious. They have a full bar. Our waiter couldn't have been nicer or more attentive. It a great neighborhood family restaurant.

Hillary K. 11/27/2013 ***** Valley Village, CA

I cannot believe I have just discovered this awesome place!  $12.99 all you can drink Mimosa?  Um, hell yeah! I had the chili scrambler on tater tots with the turkey chili the server recommended, and it was to die for!  I kid you not, so damn good.

Bubbaswich 11/19/2013 ***** Ipswich, MA

Worth a visit I love coming here I ordered the pancakes and they were great. Everyone else said there meals were very good as well. normally the place is packed but today it was quiet but it was early.

babyelle2000 11/4/2013 ***** Santa Monica, CA

Great breakfast in Santa Monica We travelled from Hollywood to have breakfast here. What a great decision! The service was excellent, and the food was even better! They gave us a complimentary taste of the 6 different types of chilli that were on the menu for the morning, and then the meals were delivered quite fast considering the place was packed! The meals were HUGE, and despite our best efforts, none of us finished them. Very reasonably priced. Would definitely call in again if we weren't on our way back to Australia...

Michelle V. 3/4/2013 **** Franklin Park, NJ

Cute little brunch place near the beach and 3rd street promenade. Came here on a Monday with a group of 6. There was no wait, and we were seated promptly. The food was very good, but -1 star for the price, it was a little overpriced for what they serve. But what can you expect for a place close to the beach and shopping?

I got the 2+2+2, with the flaky French toast. The French toast was amazing.  That was worth the extra $1. I just wish that you didn't have to pay an extra $1 for real maple syrup.  Ordered the bacon extra crispy, but came out a little too burnt. My husband got the Santa Fe omelette, and it was huge. It came with 2 corn tortillas, pea guacamole, and sour cream. I tried the pea guacamole and it was so interesting! It tasted slightly different from regular guacamole and had a little kick to it. My dad got the all American sandwich, and again the serving was huge.

Overall my family enjoyed our breakfast. The service was very good. The waitress came to check on us frequently and made sure our coffee pot was always full. Looking forward to coming here again next time we visit Santa Monica.