Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari_N

* Dinner is only offered at Studio city, Agura hills & Thousand oaks


9/20/2015***** Emily M. Los Angeles, CA

Great food, great service. Staff is extremely friendly and very attentive. Fantastic experience!

8/12/2014 ***** Share W. New York, NY

This place is AWEsome. I really tested my waistband here and my eyes rolled over backwards so much from all the delectable dishes, I feared I was going to lose permanent control of them. I AM EGG QUEEN. My epitaph will state: "Died from cholesterol overload due to heavy consumption of eggs." Anyway, back on point, they have so many delicious omelets and egg dishes, but the one that keeps pulling on my stomach lining are the chili omelets or the CCO. And to blow your mind, the chili is the inside of the omelet. They have so many varieties of chili listed, but only a few of them will be available for that day sometimes. I love the fact that they have beanless chili. The one that won my heart and then ultimately my taste buds/stomach was the pasilla turkey chili (and no beans). Served with this nice heap of omelet are potatoes and a side of toast. Great portions to make you feel full or just right. A definite return visit is in store! Green tea iced tea that's not sweet?! Love you more…