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* Dinner is only offered at Studio city, Agura hills & Thousand oaks


Hannah Slaven

1/13/2016 Hannah Slaven **** Thousand Oaks, CA

Great food. I prefer the location in Agoura Hills, but this one is good too. I've never had anything I didn't like here.

Mitch K.

12/23/2015 Mitch K.**** Thousand Oaks, CA

I haven't been back to Jinky's for a while, but we went in for dinner last night.  My daughter went with the Triple Decker sandwich and asked them to only go with 2 slices of sourdough and I went with the Chili-Mac and went with the El Paso chili.

The food came pretty quickly and we both enjoyed our meals.  Whenever we have gone into Jinky's the service is never top notched.  I think the issue is that there is no one to give the staff a sense of urgency nor to train them properly how to work properly.  When they first opened the owner was always there, but for the last year or so I haven't seen him.  If they had better management to train their staff I'm sure they would do better than they do there.

 I only say this is because the reason why we chose Jinky's last night is because we had a buy one get one coupon which I found in the Acorn and there was another in today's edition.  For that it's definitely worth the so-so service.

Susan B.

3/6/2015 Vette H. ***** Los Angeles, CA

I am gluten free not by choice and the pancakes here are amazing. The service is always great and the waitresses/waiters polite. It gets packed in the morning on Sunday, so get there early. It's first come first seated. The coffee is also amazeballs...no cream needed. It's a great breakfast spot for me.