Green and White Toast

Green and White Toast

Green and White Toast.JPGWheat toast, cream cheese spread, Sautéed organic spinach, fresh arugula, grilled asparagus, fresh avocado, cherry tomatoes, with a drizzle of hollandaise


L D.

3/6/2017 **** L D. Irvine, CA

The word Jinkys is so nostalgic for me.  It conjures up a girl wearing an orange sweater dress with a bob haircut and thick rimmed glasses riding with her posse in the Mystery Machine.    

This must be a chain as I was going to go to the one in the Moorpark area but didn't get the chance.  Food was very good. I did the healthy egg white veggie omelet and it was not greasy or oily.  The veggies were plentiful and the very filling.

2/28/2017 ***** Gloria B. Overlook, Portland, OR

This is one of my favorite spots for a great salad. I just love the Sherman oaks salad with balsamic dressing. I could eat one at least once or twice a week and not get tired of it. Very flavorful. This one is more of a sweet salad than spicy. It comes with grapes, oranges, asparagus, nuts, & leafy greens. So good.