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Grilled Rib-Eye Steak 12 Oz

Grilled Rib-Eye Steak 12 Oz_N

Char-grilled rib-eye steak topped with maitre de butter or mushroom peppercorn sauce. Before taking the ice to defend our LA Kings goalie, Jonathan Quick might have to snatch up this slapshot.
Cost  $ 19.99
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Dinner Sides 1:
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Rosy H.3/9/2014 ***** Rosy H. Los Angeles, CA

I have been coming to Jinky's for about two years now. It's very good! My fiancé and I always order the Jinky's favorite omelette with spicy Italian sausage and sometimes I add jalapeños or green peppers (depends on my mood) and we split that (big portions) along with the breakfast potatoes. We also order the Flaky French Toast and split that. Note that we split both at one sitting.. It's delicious! Coffee is good too. Service is good as well, nice friendly staff.

Ashley M.3/6/2014 **** Ashley M. Agoura Hills, CA

I've eaten here probably fifty times and have always had a good meal.

They have a very broad menu so there is something for everyone. They have daily chili specials which I often try. The heat level can vary by day, but it's always good.

If you're in the area check it out.

Photo of J Y.3/2/2014 **** J Y. Santa Clarita, CA

Tina was amazing ! The service truly is outstanding ! The location is a bit small for all of the traffic that come in on a daily . That's why I gave four however everything is was so good . The food was hot til the last drop. They allow you to enjoy your time without rushing you . I am now looking forward to trying all of the locations. I can't wait !

12/18/2013 ***** 602Traveler Santa Monica, CA

Excellent!!!!! The food was so good I came back three times. I looked forward to waking up in my hotel room overlooking the beach so I can go get breakfast at Jinky's!! The staff and food were both great and worth a trip. A must stop in SaPhoenix, Arizonanta Monica!!

12/15/2013 ***** Joe C. STUDIO CITY, CA  

GREAT FOOD!  Reasonable prices!  You  cannot BEAT JINKY'S for breakfast or lunch. Great place for bringing

your guests,and the service and attention by the staff is just EXCELLENT!. great to bring your friends who are into healthier food. JINKY'S  ROCKS  and everything about this restaurant  is just AMAZING!

12/01/2013 *****  Tracy S. Seattle, WA

Huge menu. Comfortable atmosphere. Delicious food.

Jinky's menu ranges from the average to the eccentric. Everyday they feature 5-6 different types of gourmet chili, which is my favorite part! Pair the chili with a half sandwich or salad, or add it to fries or a burger!

This place has something for everyone - I highly recommend it!

11/10/2013 **** Valerie Angela  Studio City, Los Angeles, CA

One of my favorite lunch spots. Try one of their delicious salads, like the Sherman Oaks Delight!

8/3/2013 ***** DrSteve818 Los Angeles, CA

Great Breakfasts (and Lunch and Dinner) We love Jinky's and go often. We love to sit outside and look at Ladyface mountain and enjoy the Agoura creek running by the side of the restaurant (a little loud inside when busy due to lots of hard surfaces). Jinky's is a neighborhood gem.

3/13/2013 **** Susan E. Thousand Oaks, CA

Very large menu with something to satisfy everyone. The breakfasts are really good. In general everything we've tried has been great. It's a nice neighborhood restaurant and everything seems to be prepared on the spot rather than sauces coming out of a can as in many chain restaurants.

The owner's a super nice guy and hangs out at the restaurant a lot, strolling among the tables to make sure his customers are happy. There are a lot of vegan and gluten free options available and they're willing to cook things without salt or make other accommodations to satisfy particular needs and tastes.

It's a friendly, low key nice place to go with very good, healthy food. We've never been disappointed here.

3/13/2013 **** Katy D. Thousand Oaks, CA

I want to start out by saying I'm a big fan of Jinky's!

My Fiance and I started going to the Jinkys off Kanan probably about every Sunday and fell in love with it, So we were pleasantly surprised when we saw they were opening one right next to our house! We love the diversity on the menu and whether we're in the mood for breakfast or lunch,dessert or drinks, Jinkys has it all.

There are some problems with this new location though.... The servers are nice but seemed usually overwhelmed(Except for a nice younger man with glasses who also works at the kanan location, I don't know his name but hes always great!), we usually have to ask for refills or condiments many times, and most of the time the busser brings them to us after we finally have to stop them since our server has forgotten. I know this location is newer and the service will probably improve as time goes on and they work all the kinks out.

That being said we love Jinkys and will continue to have them as our go-to when we need some good grub!

1/25/2013 ***** Esther L. Los Angeles, CA

Always fast and friendly service. I have had breakfast here: omelettes, which come with their country potatoes, which I love love love. I have had salads, which are just ok and then I have had their chili. They are always willing to give you samples, and that's always nice. It's a casual setting, nothing fancy, but consistently tasty.