Healthy Egg White Scramble

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Elizabeth Berkley.JPG It's packed with tofu, bell peppers, red onions, spinach and broccoli and a choice of egg whites. With no surprise this healthy breakfast could very well be the secret fuel source of Hollywood actors. Maybe this delicious and healthy dish inspired Elizabeth Berkley to become the original lettuce lady.
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Siamak Lorestani

12/06/2018 ***** Siamak Lorestani Thousand Oaks, CA

Everything was good and our waiter, Tony, was excellent. Great place for breakfast.

Samy B.

8/04/2018 ***** Samy B. Los Angeles, CA

Customer service, great!

Robert P.

7/22/2018 ***** Robert P. Moorpark, CA

We had brunch yesterday and it was great. The food was excellent and the did not skimp on anything. The whole staff seemed happy and helpful. This is a great place.

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