Healthy Egg White Scramble

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Elizabeth Berkley.JPG It's packed with tofu, bell peppers, red onions, spinach and broccoli and a choice of egg whites. With no surprise this healthy breakfast could very well be the secret fuel source of Hollywood actors. Maybe this delicious and healthy dish inspired Elizabeth Berkley to become the original lettuce lady.
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Alyssa M.

10/30/2017 ***** Alyssa M. Philadelphia, PA

We visit Jinky's frequently and it's alway a delightful experience. Between friendly service and delicious vegan options, I'm always happy with my time at Jinky's. Thank you!!!

Bachelle S.

8/24/2017 ***** Bachelle S. Calabasas, CA

This is my Go to place since I've started Pepperdine. Lovely staff from Lauren who is always been soo pleasant and a wonderful lady, George who's always taken care of my orders during my mid day visits, the Manager Shar always so Grand as well as Alex, they are all enormously friendly and professional.  

Great food with their healthy selections and their antioxidants smoothies,I would spend 3-4X in week in the past and since I've just got back from my trip today is the second visit this week to have my fave as it never dawned on me they opened @7:30 this morning, lovely Lauren saw me in my car and set up immediately, put some pots of coffee and let me in right away.  

It's always the Customer Service in a place that I would not only call in a safe haven with good food but it's actually the staff who remembers you and always Lovely and Pleasant is All that counts

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