Healthy Egg White Scramble

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Elizabeth Berkley.JPG It's packed with tofu, bell peppers, red onions, spinach and broccoli and a choice of egg whites. With no surprise this healthy breakfast could very well be the secret fuel source of Hollywood actors. Maybe this delicious and healthy dish inspired Elizabeth Berkley to become the original lettuce lady.
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8/21/2016 ***** Audrey M. Los Angeles, CA

Took a friend here, from out of state, to breakfast today because it's one of those spots that has a great variety and delicious food!  They also have chia juices and vegan, vegetarian, organic, and gluten-free items on their menu! The staff is always friendly, quick,and attentive as well which is always appreciated! My friend had the spicy chilaquiles and I had nutella/banana crepes w/a chai latte. We enjoyed the meal very much! The place was packed as usual with lots of smiley faces and there is always someone famous in there! It's a chill spot and my friend really liked it! This is definitely one of my favorite places and I recommend it to everyone!!! P.S you must try their jinky potatoes, they're to die for!!

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