Huevos Con Pollo

Huevos Con Pollo_N

 Warm corn tortillas, topped with eggs over easy, grilled chicken breast, tomato sauce, avocado and mozzarella cheese. Served with pinto beans. This dish is the Justin Timberlake of breakfast foods, similar to JT both have a reason to be on fans minds and hearts at 8AM.

  Gluten Free?


Nathanael Ilteus

11/19/2018 **** Nathanael Ilteus Santa Monica, CA

The breakfast fast is very good. I got the Huevos con Pollo breakfast and it was worth it. I got mine with eggs on the side because I don’t like the idea of runny eggs.

Think about that before you order. The flavors were great. Fresh tomatillo sauce, fresh avocados and home fries.

Robert P.

7/22/2018 ***** Robert P. Moorpark, CA

We had brunch yesterday and it was great. The food was excellent and the did not skimp on anything. The whole staff seemed happy and helpful. This is a great place.

Angela Alvarado

6/13/2018 ***** Angela Alvarado Los Angeles, CA

Love it! Delicious food, nice outside view, and good service. They are fast, love the mimosas, and will definitely be going back again. My husband introduced me to this spot and I fell in love with it. Thank you Jinky's crew!