Huevos Con Pollo

Huevos Con Pollo_N

 Warm corn tortillas, topped with eggs over easy, grilled chicken breast, tomato sauce, avocado and mozzarella cheese. Served with pinto beans. This dish is the Justin Timberlake of breakfast foods, similar to JT both have a reason to be on fans minds and hearts at 8AM.

  Gluten Free?


12/7/2016 **** Jessica L. Los Angeles, CA

You know what makes for a perfect Sunday morning after a long night out with less than 3 hours sleep and a grumbling belly? Huevos con Pollo breakfast special from Jinky's. Don't ask questions - just get this!

9/3/2016 ***** Betsy M. Alexandria, VA

Fun, interesting menu takes breakfast in new directions. Lots of vegetables, fresh sauces, and even multiple kinds of chili let you have a great breakfast and they even offer two sizes of everything.

6/27/2016 **** Mariah M. Burbank, CA

Really good local spot. The food is good. This is my "go to" spot for breakfast most of the time. My favorite is the hangover burger with the fried egg on top!