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Huevos Con Pollo

Huevos Con Pollo_N

Warm corn tortillas, topped with eggs over easy, grilled chicken breast, tomato sauce, avocado and mozzarella cheese. Served with pinto beans. A breakfast menu with a Mexican twist, believed to be on J.Lo's A-list.

Cost  $ 12.99
  Gluten Free?

REVIEWS Amanda C. 2/23/2013 **** Chicago, IL

Jinky's was great to stop in for breakfast. I would have gone twice, but they don't open until 7:30 am. I tried the eggs benedict and egg white sandwich, both of which were great. The fruit was OK and looked a few days old. Really appreciated they had wifi and let us stay and use it for awhile. Good location in relation to the beach.

REVIEWS jennifer s. 7/4/2012 **** Sherman Oaks, CA

love my jinkys!!! i am a regular at this spot... don't know why i haven't done a review for my jinkys. i eat here at least once a week. the food is great! great service, very clean, and they love me! this is another restaurant with a million things on the menu. if you're looking for breakfast, then try the waffle. its soooooooooooo yumtastic. also do not fail to order the chicken apple sausage. i am allergic (yes allergic) to pork, so its nice to have a chicken option, not to mention that it tastes amazing. they also have hmmmmm... lemme think... like 10,000 kinds of chili. i love chili, but i don't eat beef. i know. shut up. try the east indian chicken chili. made with cardamom, nutmeg, and indian spices like you've never tasted. love my jinkys!!!! see you guys in a few days! xoxo.

REVIEWS Nicole U.  6/9/2012 **** Sherman Oaks, CA


Salmon tiki masala, brown rice and a slice of garlic bread. Everything was great. From the service to the food. My salmon was well seasoned, slightly more well done than I prefer, but slathered in a delicious vibrant tiki sauce. I wish there were a little more sauce on this plate. Mostly to drag my garlic bread through ( I pretended it was nan bread).

Definetly going back to try out the rest of the menu.

REVIEWS Carr D. 6/3/2012 ***** Sherman Oaks, CA

I pretty much only go to Jinkys for breakfast but it's always great.  I love the atmosphere and the staff is excellent.  Today I had the 2+2+2 (2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 pancakes) and it was delicious.  My friend got the AM breakfast sandwich and that is another favorite.  I usually get that too.

REVIEWS Marilyn B 04/05/2012

The only place to go for breakfast.

REVIEWS Kirsten B. Los Angeles, CA

I enjoyed the breakfast there. I felt that it was fresh and healthy. Guilt free meals!

REVIEWS Sara W. Woodland Hills, CA 5/27/2012 **** This place has a great menu. They make about 20 different kinds of Chili and they even put the hotness level for each one on the menu. You can get a sampler of 4 kinds if you can't decide on just 1. I came for breakfast, however, so I did not try the chili this time. I had a difficult time choosing from the vast assortment of pancakes, waffles, French Toast, and crepes...they ALL sounded good.

I decided on the Pumpkin Apple Crepes and my friend got the lemon berry crepes. Both were delicious. The lemon berry crepes, especially, were so flavorful. My friend thought that the texture of the crepes was a little on the tough side. When I compare them to the crepes I had in France, she is right. But seeing as this is California, I think they still did a good job compared to most places around. I would definitely order them again!

I came on a Sunday around noon and despite the fact that it was very crowded, the service was great. We did not wait very long to be seated or to be served and the waiter was very friendly.

REVIEWS Maureen C. 1/26/2012 **** Newbury Park, CA

Have eaten here a few times now, tonight was the first time to try dinner. It wasn't that busy, which was a real plus. Service was prompt and attentive. I still ordered one of their crepes...more of a breakfast item,but it's delicious so why not? And we had a caprese sandwich and the nachos. The nachos were only rated on "5" out of a 10 for spicy...but I found them extremely spicy. Loved my crepe. Dinner may be a better choice here, as it's always so busy at breakfast time.

REVIEWS Kimberly W. 1/14/2012 ***** Calabasas, CA

Well, my most recent experience with Jinky's was finally on par with its food. I went back yesterday for lunch because I was craving their Rosemary Omelet, and the service was vastly improved. The host staff was friendly and admirably efficient; I was impressed with how quickly they had people moving in and out of the restaurant.

We waited a few minutes, but only because they were busy, and we were seated as soon as there was an opening. Even though they were crowded, the restaurant was well-staffed, so we were attended to and served quickly. Everyone was very polite and friendly (entirely new staff), and somehow, it wasn't even as impossibly loud as it used to be.

I must admit that the owner really took the comments I've seen on here to heart, and Jinky's is back to being my go-to place. In fact, I think it's going to be my new happy hour place- great deals on good food and drinks, and their sangria is wonderful. Very pleased with all of the changes that have been made!

by wise1too at Citysearch