Hash Benedict

Hash Benedict_N

With Fresh baked Thomas English Muffins, poached eggs, corned beef hash and house hollandaise. This Los Angeles breakfast gives you a new look at what omelettes are about; This could be the breakfast that Jane Lynch has been waiting for.
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12/19/2018 ***** PEBBLE SINGHA Studio City, CA

Love-love-love this place. Great customer service. Awesome food and drinks. Convenient location.


Jinky’s is my go to place. Great prices, plenty choices, and genuinely delicious food. That's why we keep coming back.

Jack Van Furche

7/04/2018 ***** Jack Van Furche Agoura Hills, CA

Incredible selection of very tasty food.

Ricky G.

6/13/2018 **** Ricky G. San Antonio, TX

Quaint little spot. Excellent food. Great for breakfast. Portions are large so be mindful of the orders.