Healthy Green Omelette

Green And White Omelette_N

Chopped spinach, broccoli, diced zucchini, chopped scallions, asparagus, feta cheese topped with avocado and swiss cheese. This is the kind of dish that could be Alexa Vega’s favorite breakfast meal.
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eddie ruiz

11/25/2018 ***** eddie ruiz Studio City, CA

Great place if you're looking for a good hearty breakfast or Lunch. I had the breakfast pasta (delicious). The pancakes were awesome.

The coffee is also great but they also have beers if that's what you want instead. Stop by and enjoy.

Lance Grove

10/29/2018 ***** Lance Grove Agoura Hills, CA

This place is pretty good, definitely has many options, probably to many. Seating can be hard to find over the weekend and service usually goes with it. If you are in the mood for a healthy meal, they definitely have the options for you here.

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