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Italian Egg Sandwich

Italian Egg Sandwich_N

Egg white frittata filled with zucchini, garlic and fresh basil topped with mozzarella cheese on grilled sourdough - served with Jinky potatoes **With chopped bacon, sausage or ham - Add 1.50. Josh Groban might just sing his heart out for this Los Angeles breakfast favorite.
Cost  $ 10.99
Choose Your Egg Sandwich:
chopped bacon add $1.50 - $1.50
sausage add $1.50 - $1.50
ham add $1.50 - $1.50
Served with choice of:

REVIEWS Michelle V. 3/4/2013 **** Franklin Park, NJ

Cute little brunch place near the beach and 3rd street promenade. Came here on a Monday with a group of 6. There was no wait, and we were seated promptly. The food was very good, but -1 star for the price, it was a little overpriced for what they serve. But what can you expect for a place close to the beach and shopping?

I got the 2+2+2, with the flaky French toast. The French toast was amazing.  That was worth the extra $1. I just wish that you didn't have to pay an extra $1 for real maple syrup.  Ordered the bacon extra crispy, but came out a little too burnt. My husband got the Santa Fe omelette, and it was huge. It came with 2 corn tortillas, pea guacamole, and sour cream. I tried the pea guacamole and it was so interesting! It tasted slightly different from regular guacamole and had a little kick to it. My dad got the all American sandwich, and again the serving was huge.

Overall my family enjoyed our breakfast. The service was very good. The waitress came to check on us frequently and made sure our coffee pot was always full. Looking forward to coming here again next time we visit Santa Monica.

REVIEWS James R. 11/4/2012  *****  North Hollywood, CA

Jinky's is the best breakfast place in the valley! They use the best natural ingredients, creative and always tasty breakfast and lunches! Jeff and Sarah our awesome!

REVIEWS Elyse A. 7/28/2012 ***** Torrance, Los Angeles, CA

This place is AMAZING!!! My sister and I discovered it as we were walking to the promenade about a year or two ago. We live about 30-45 minutes away, and when she is in town, we make the special drive over just for this place.

The first thing I had, which totally got me hooked (and I'm sad to not see it on the menu anymore) was the S.O.B. (South of the Boulevard). It was pancakes with onion, potato, and cilantro in it. Sounds crazy right? But I just HAD to try it. Plus, it came with pea guacamole, onion marmalade, and sour cream. These sound CRAZY too, right? At first, I was scared to try the different condiments, but once I tried each one I couldn't stop!! Each one was the perfect mix of sweet, spicy, savory, everything.

Then, another time I got the banana nutella crepe. It was really good from what I remember (probably a year and a half ago).

I went back two weeks ago because I was in town for a craft fair. I had the Blue Hill Combo. It is blueberry french toast with chicken apple sausage on the side. I paid extra to make the french toast flaky because I wanted to try something different. I have to say... I was super excited and starving for this and it didn't really meet my high expectations. (I should probably stop having high expectations, I know). The french toast was pretty dry and didn't taste like much. I had half of the serving of french toast, ate ALL of the blueberries, and ALL of the chicken apple sausage. I absolutely fell in love with the sausage. I haven't been able to get it off my mind since then.

Finally, we went back today. My mom and I split the La Fonda Omelette and the Rosemary Omelette. We both agreed that the La Fonda was much better. It had SO much flavor. Ground beef, garlic, onion, mushroom, and mozzarella and avocado. They put a sauce on top called "ranchero sauce". This was delicious. I wish I would have saved some to put on my potatoes or the Rosemary Omelette. The Rosemary Omelette had some type of cheese to spread over it, which it what made it not so dry. In my opinion, it just lacked one ingredient that would have made it off the charts.

I would give them 4 stars, but they lack 1 star for customer service. It's always really awkward to go in and put your name on. There isn't much waiting room. So it always feels like you're in the way. Also, the host/hostess doesn't tell you anything. We told him our name and how many, and he walked away to talk to his co-worker. We didn't know if we should follow or stay. Overall service is pretty good except for that and it usually takes them forever to give you your check and then to take your money.

They definitely have interesting combinations and really know how to make them work. :]]

REVIEWS Frances S. 6/28/2012 ***** Newbury Park, CA

One of my favorite new restaurants nearby my house. I love their jumble scramble (turkey chili - #5 for level of spicy), coconut  flaky, French toast and the pancakes are yummy too! They're known for the Chili's and I good. They have a huge menu.  I always want to try something new. I love their coffee. The service is pretty good too. Alex is a sweetie! :) I recommend to go there early morning or evening. Don't go on a Saturday lunch around 12. It's totally packed. They don't take reservations, but sometimes it's worth the wait.

REVIEWS Russell Z 07/04/2012

They have some very good chili here rated according to hotness, and their turkey burgers are very good. Order a chili turkey burger and you will be happy. Very popular for breakfast and lunch, but fairly empty for dinner, even though they have a lot of choices for a casual dinner. Good for celebrity sightings at lunch.

REVIEWS Maureen C. 1/26/2012 ***** Newbury Park, CA

Have eaten here a few times now, tonight was the first time to try dinner. It wasn't that busy, which was a real plus. Service was prompt and attentive. I still ordered one of their crepes...more of a breakfast item,but it's delicious so why not? And we had a caprese sandwich and the nachos. The nachos were only rated on "5" out of a 10 for spicy...but I found them extremely spicy. Loved my crepe. Dinner may be a better choice here, as it's always so busy at breakfast time.

REVIEWS Kate M. 1/24/2012 ***** Montréal, QC

Cute place with very friendly servers. I had the Santa Fe Scramble and all I can say is WOW. Perfect balance of veggies, eggs and chorizo, with the very inventive and great addition of corn tortilla strips for a little crunch! I was skeptical about the pea guacamole since I'm not a huge fan of peas, but it was delicious and seasoned just right! I loved it so much I tried to go back the next day and the day after, but they had lost power. I am definitely going back for more as soon as I can!

REVIEWS Self O. 1/8/2012 ***** Van Nuys, CA  

It's known as a breakfast place, but I like it very much for dinner. The tandoori chicken salad is really good.

REVIEWS Matthew V. 1/1/2012 ***** North Hollywood, CA  

I originally would stop by to grab coffee but then later tried their breakfast and then became a fan of their food. The attraction was the selection of breakfast items that seemed to be influenced based on Mexican cuisine.

Jinkys make a good breakfast burrito called the Desperado that contains ortega chilies, cheddar cheese, chopped potatoes, chicken chorizo, and scrambled eggs. The burrito is served with side of guacamole and sour cream.

The Santa Fe scramble is a tasty egg scramble dish containing diced green onions, tomatoes, cilantro, corn tortilla strip, and topped with melted cheddar cheese. The food portion is large so bring an appetite if you do order this dish.

Another great breakfast is the Chili Jumble which is an egg scramble topped with your choice of gourmet chili, red onions, avocado and cheddar cheese served over potatoes. The dish is food heaven.

Jinky's has a large breakfast menu including: waffles, Eggs benedict, crepes, omelets, pancakes, lox plates, and much more. Drop by sometime for one of the better places that serves breakfast in LA.