Lox Benedict

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Justin Bieber.JPG With large Thomas english muffins, poached eggs, lox and the house hollandaise sauce. Justin Bieber and Lox Benedict have something in common, girls love them! Known as a well-reviewed breakfast among Los Angeles restaurants, there's no question why girls wouldn't go gaga over this meal.
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Nellie P.

9/5/2018 ***** Nellie P. Fresno, CA

This is an intimate restaurant with good service. We arrived at the end of breakfast so there was not too much of a wait.

The food was delicious. I had the lox Benedict. The tater tots were delicious. I ordered extra crispy. Loved every bite. I would order this again. It was not fishy at all.

The onion rings were amazing. Subbed for fries for an extra fifty cents. But worth it.

Edenilze Halluch

7/30/2018 ***** Edenilze Halluch Santa Monica, CA

Nice place and delicious food.

Elaina Escandon Ornelas

7/14/2018 ***** Elaina Escandon Ornelas Santa Monica, CA

My husband and I came upon this place while we were walking around trying to see what was open for breakfast and jackpot!! This is a cool spot, and our breakfast was amazing!! Very satisfied customers.