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Lox Omelette

Lox Omelette_N

Lox, onions, capers, and boursin cheese. The kind of breakfast one would think that Hillary Duff might swears by. This Los Angeles breakfast is a true delight in every bite
Cost  $14.99
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Egg Whites Only:
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REVIEWS 1/3/2015 **** Jason L. Simi Valley, CA

Solid family Cafe off the 118 on Arboles.  

Location shares a parking lot with Ciscos and a strip mall so there is plenty of shopping.  We went on a Friday night and it was nearly empty, which was concerning.  The prices were reasonable; perhaps $3-4 higher per plate than you'd expect from similar cafes.

The service was 3-4 stars.  Not great, but not terrible.  The food was good overall.  I got a Chicken Parm Sandwich which was tasty.  My son had a flat bread pepperoni pizza which was pretty large and tasted good.  My wife had a grilled chicken sandwich.  Overall, the food was fresh and well prepared.  Drinks were refilled after a short delay, but we didn't have to chase after the waitress.

The restaurant has nice booths and large TV's to watch sports.  Frankly was surprised it was so empty on a Friday night.

Overall, a nice cafe to grab a bite.  Family of four cost $60 after tip.  Bit high for a cafe, but not crazy expensive.  4 stars

REVIEWS 8/1/2014***** Julian C. Van Nuys, CA I'm here just shaking my head at the occasional unhappy loser who actually has the time and the gall to come here to write mean, vicious, prejudicial and personal attacks about Jinky's food quality and its great staff. (Btw, this person is actually violating Yelp's guidelines and the post should be deleted) Nope, no one is paying me, I'm doing this just out of principle and out of loyalty to a wonderful place that has been a pleasure to frequent for over a decade now. I'm just motivated by keeping the record straight and by the pleasure I derive from putting a sock in the mouths of those spreading injustice and lies with their sadly vilified sputtering pieholes. Let me put it succinctly... After 10 years-plus being a happy customer, Jinky's -Sherman Oaks- continues to prove itself as a renowned Breakfast/Lunch spot not only in the Valley but -by now- in the whole of LA. I'm talking about 2 decades plus of undeniable, award winning praise by some of the most respected professional restaurant critics in town ("ZAGAT" among them) for the sustained success that has made Jinky's food and great service not only celebrated by those who qualify... but by the general public who over the years have made this place undeniably famous. Jinky's is not only a favorite among local residents but also includes a long list of regular celebrities that feel comfortable and relaxed enough to be seen coming back for their "favorite" on a daily basis. It has been my honest and personal experience that Jinky's food has been consistently all of theses things : fresh, well presented and (did I say consistently?) delicious. I know Breakfast/Lunch have always been legendary and although I haven't had the chance to try it yet, I heard dinners are just as "gourmet" good. Anybody who says Jinky's won't gladly and professionally go out of its way to handle an occasional problem is just plain LYING. If anything I'd say Jinky's gets very busy on a regular basis (especially weekends) and like ANY OTHER popular, successful and busy place in LA, the occasional delays may be experienced. That addresses the truth and the facts in the matter. To summarize: what can be said about the character and real motivation of someone who would actually invest the time to come here and maliciously trash this one person she doesn't even know? (with imaginary stories btw) Doesn't that tell the real story? Please, just get some help... Your self-entitlement is way out of control. Stay home and let others live, work and enjoy life as they should. The world is a better place without your one time ill little attempt at discrediting a proven winner.

Go Jinky's! What can I say.... 20 years of continued success speaks for itself. ;-)

REVIEWS 6/30/2014 **** Steph E Los Angeles, CA

A friend and I ended our run to the beach by having a weekend brunch at Jinky's. It was delicious. I ordered one of the specials, a steak omelette with basil and jalapenos and it was among the best omelettes I've ever had. There were huge portions and the coffee was great.

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