Lemon Curd & Berries

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In 1945 Joan Crawford won an Oscar for her leading role in MIldred Pierce.  The figure conscious Crawford would have just loved this lighter take on one of Mildred’s favorites… Instead of lemon pie, come out to Jinky’s and enjoy these delicious Lemon Curd and Berries Crepes.  Our light and delicious house made crepes are dusted with powdered sugar and topped with lemon curd, mixed berries, and a bit of whipped cream.  Delicious!

REVIEWS 8/6/2013 **** Amanda F. Topanga, CA AMAZING variety! You can get any omelet you can think of! They have house made sausage options (including veggie ones) and an array of chillis every day. I love me a veggie chili omelet with pea guacamole. Haven't taken the kiddo yet, but they have super fun sweets options. Service was good, prices were pretty standard for SaMo.

REVIEWS 7/7/2013 ***** Mar P. North Hills, CA

Bomb breakfast joint! Good for mornings after partying.  a little on the healthy side, but still has a damn good taste to it!  GO THERE!

REVIEWS 6/05/2013 *****  E W. Los Angeles, CA

Jinky's is the only place I know that is nice enough to put a big dispenser of coffee for people waiting.  The atmosphere is like a quaint small town restaurant and there are usually kids everywhere.  It feels like a chic breakfast place on the other side of the hill (you know, the people that look down on those that live in the valley).  I've only driven by it, but the other Jinky's is on Sunset in the middle of West Hollywood.

The breakfast menu is huge -- omelets, pancakes, French toast, scrambled egg dishes, etc.  They also have many different beverages.

Service here is always friendly and attentive.  They make you feel like you're at home.There was a banner outside the restaurant this weekend pushing their dinner menu.  I think everyone equates this place with breakfast and it seems like they could close in the afternoon and still turn profit. We used to live in Sherman Oaks and went here.  Recently, we went back and it hasn't changed.

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