Martin's Spicy Chilaquiles

Martin's Spicy Chilaquileas

brad-pitt-angelina-jolie-divorce.jpg Everyone has breakups, even the iconic Angelina and Brad, but if there’s any cure for heartbreak it’s breakfast food. Fried tortilla chips cooked with salsa and cheese topped with eggs and avocado a must try.

Large - $15.50


Paxton Cabrera

1/23/2020 ***** Paxton Cabrera Sherman Oaks, CA

This place is my favorite site. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to this restaurant. Whenever I want to go to a special supper, this is the place that comes first to my head. Great food and a rich cuisine, well mannered crew, and pleasant vibes. Also, the price is honest. I praise this restaurant with pleasure.

Photo of Eric O.

12/27/2019 ***** Eric O. Los Angeles, CA

Love Jinky's! It's always at the top of the list when our family is thinking about grabbing breakfast out. Even when busy, we've always had great service. I'm a big fan of their Chili Jumble and their Chilaquiles. My wife likes their breakfast burrito. Our daughter does the kids plate with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Service is quick without feeling rushed. Parking can be a little cramped but we've always found spaces. Definitely recommend.

Photo of Kiki T.

12/10/2019 ***** Kiki T. Los Angeles, CA

OMG!! I'm soooooo happy that Jinky's Cafe is here!! First and foremost the people and service here is Fantastic!!!!

Food is very tasty!! I ordered the Martin's Spicy Chilaquilles… It is very spicy… you can request less spicy if you like.

Plenty of free parking. They have a variety type of foods here. Oh! As of now they close at 10pm. My hubby ordered Chill Jumbo… he liked it.