Mexicali Eggs Benedict

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Grilled chicken breast, poached eggs, topped with ranchero sauce, avocado and cheddar cheese. An exciting addition to the varied breakfast menu in LA that gives a new flavor to Eggs Benedict!  Selma Hayek has got to try this!
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REVIEWS Self O. 1/8/2012 ***** Van Nuys, CA  

It's known as a breakfast place, but I like it very much for dinner. The tandoori chicken salad is really good.

REVIEWS Matthew V. 1/1/2012 **** North Hollywood, CA  

I originally would stop by to grab coffee but then later tried their breakfast and then became a fan of their food. The attraction was the selection of breakfast items that seemed to be influenced based on Mexican cuisine.

Jinkys make a good breakfast burrito called the Desperado that contains ortega chilies, cheddar cheese, chopped potatoes, chicken chorizo, and scrambled eggs. The burrito is served with side of guacamole and sour cream.

The Santa Fe scramble is a tasty egg scramble dish containing diced green onions, tomatoes, cilantro, corn tortilla strip, and topped with melted cheddar cheese. The food portion is large so bring an appetite if you do order this dish.

Another great breakfast is the Chili Jumble which is an egg scramble topped with your choice of gourmet chili, red onions, avocado and cheddar cheese served over potatoes. The dish is food heaven.

Jinky's has a large breakfast menu including: waffles, Eggs benedict, crepes, omelets, pancakes, lox plates, and much more. Drop by sometime for one of the better places that serves breakfast in LA.

REVIEWS Jonny M. 11/29/2011 **** Thousand Oaks, CA  

Been here a few times already....


Menu has LOTS and LOTS of options all sounding more delish than the next. Food is good quality and very fresh especially in regard to price point. Prices are very fair and affordable.


My experiences have always been very positive. Servers and bussers are attentive and accommodating.


Not the most ideal off the 101, however they did a nice job with the area. The patio is my favorite area to dine in. Unfortunately its not dog friendly, so you have to tie yours up to the far outside posts - which makes no sense and we can thank the Health Dept. for their infinite wisdom for that ruling. Ideal for brunch/breakfast - however both lunch and dinner options are great. I will be back often.

REVIEWS April K. 10/21/2011 **** Glendale, CA  

I've been here a few times and to the one in W. Hollywood a few times. They have an amazing menu. Breakfast all day And plenty of interesting and healthier options to choose from. Tonight we arrived just before they were closing. I ordered the breakfast quesadilla with egg whites. It was absolutely AMAZING. I want another one right now. It had a chicken-turkey chorizo sausage inside along with the eggs, cheese, and who knows what other fantastic-ness. But the kicker was the PEA GUACAMOLE! Lower fat than the standard stuff and oh-so-delicious! It tasted like fresh peas and cilantro. It was such a fresh and creative twist. I also had a decaf coffee and I must say it was the best decaf coffee I can recall in a long time. It was robust and flavorful. Fantastic meal.

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