Oaty Oaty Cakes

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Wheat pancakes, rolled in oats breakfast, instead munch on this oaty delight.  It's contains wheat,  apples and nuts so there's no problem. A perfect LA breakfast for you. - With caramelized apples and walnuts add .........$2.00
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Single - $4.99
Short - $9.50
Regular - $11.50
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  With caramelized apples and walnuts add $2.00
  2 + 2 + 2 Combo Add $3.29
  Sierra Mountain Combo Add $4.29
How would you like your eggs?:
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  Add Gluten Free $1.00
  Fruit Inside the batter
  Cinnamon $1.00
  Belgian Waffle + Regular Add Crepes $3.29
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8/5/2016 ***** Alex S. Encino, Los Angeles, CA

Jinkys was delicious when I went for my Friday morning brunch. Great food and great service! Tony was very accommodating and friendly!