Pesto Chicken Ciabatta

Pesto Chicken Ciabatta_N

With pesto sauce, baby greens and provolone cheese, on a ciabatta roll.
Small - $11.49
Large - $14.99
Served with choice of:


Douglas Cohen

1/15/2019 ***** Douglas Cohen Thousand Oaks, CA

Typical of Jinky's Cafe.... CONSISTENCY with excellent quality foods and great service. This particular location is very family oriented. One of my favorites.

Daniel Greene

11/09/2018 ***** Daniel Greene Thousand Oaks, CA

Great service and wonderful tasting food. The Jinky’s potatoes are a must, my favorite! Best coffee as well.

Alex Begg

7/17/2018 ***** Alex Begg Agoura Hills, CA

Great food, especially the breakfast - brunch.