Portabello Mushroom Sandwich

Portabello Mushroom Sandwich_N

A mixture of portobello mushroom, freshly-picked spinach and a luscious bed of mozzarella cheese in between newly-baked bread.
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8/27/2016 ***** Merle R. Studio City, CA

I go several times a week. Staff is friendly and welcoming, and I love the food. I have my standards, but I'll try something new once in awhile, and it never disappoints. I love this place.

8/16/2016 ***** Lori C. New York, NY

We were visiting LA for the first time with our 12 year old daughter on her Make A Wish trip. We were looking for a reasonable place to get a good breakfast so we stopped here. We had a variety of breakfast foods like pancakes, Belgian waffles, eggs, potatoes etc. Everything was delicious and I loved the coffee ( and I'm super picky about my coffee). We had a great waiter who spoke to my daughter about her make a wish trip and was just super friendly and nice. When our check came, he paid the check for us! We were so surprised and not only did they do it once but when we returned a few days later because we really liked the food, he did it again. We highly recommend you stopping to eat breakfast here of you are near Studio City, as they not only have great food but are all around good people!