Red Velvet Pancakes

Red Velvet Pancakes_N

 Topped with mascarpone frosting and dusted with powdered sugar. Favored  by late night breakfast  creatures with unusual dentistry. These pancakes are legend to be the favorite breakfast of the amazing pop star Pink - a softer red.
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  Almonds add $1.00
  Walnuts add $1.00
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  Macadamia Nuts add $1.50
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  Sierra MTN Breakfast $4.29 Extra
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8/21/2016 ***** M M. Los Angeles, CA

One of my favorite places to eat. Not sure why it doesn't have more stars! 5 stars hands down

The breakfast menu is amazing. My favorites are the Sherman oaks omelette, breakfast sandwiches, quinoa egg bowl, and any of the pancakes/waffles/crepes with Nutella and fruit. The quinoa and egg bowl is my all time favorite dish and even better if you ask for it with a side of sriracha!!