Regular Oatmeal

Regular Oatmeal_N

Rolled oats, whole wheat, barley and rye made to order - served with sliced banana, raisins, and brown sugar. Start making your breakfast in Los Angeles healthy and see the benefits in no time.


Paul Wise

12/19/2018 **** Paul Wise Thousand Oaks, CA

Great food and history there.

L. Arlene F.

8/09/2018 ***** L. Arlene F. Los Angeles, CA

This little cafe is a gem. Not only is the ambience charming, but also, the waiters are attentive and the food excellent. Plus, the prices are quite reasonable. I highly recommend this eatery as a place to meet friends for some quality chow and chat!

Brook B.

6/30/2018 ***** Brook B. Palm Springs, CA

Visiting from out of town. Wonderful food! We can't wait to come back! Avocado toast a must!

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