Spicy Mango Chicken (8)

Spicy Mango Chicken_N

The world’s hottest pepper, the Habanera Chili, takes center stage with its hot, fruity notes accenting the sweet juiciness of ripe mango in a Caribbean inspired masterpiece. To go container has  3 sizes: cup,  Bowl/Pint and Quart.

Cup - $8.50
Bowl - $12.50


5/8/2016 ***** Brock L. Los Angeles, CA

We have loved Jinky's since it opened years ago!! The staff are hospitable, accommodating and always welcome us with open arms! The vast menu continues to provide a pleasant variety and the food is prepared perfectly delicious consistently!! Feels like Mama's kitchen -- so cozy!! Always the 'go to' place for out of town company. We LOVE Jinky's!!!