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The Sherman Oaks

The Sherman Oaks_N

Fresh spinach, mushrooms and garlic. As can been seen from the reviews this is a VERY popular dish unless you hate Garlic..  “If you're watching your diet, be sure to request egg whites only, and fruit instead of potatoes" If this is what all Los Angeles restaurants are made of, then even Sarah Jessica Parker would head to LA every day.

History of the Dish: This dish was originally created by Alan Kar during a “cheese obsessive  period” ( 1998-2000) during which time over 120 cheeses were “Omelette tested “ this very popular dish was one result.

Cost  $10.99
Select Side:
Select Toast:
Egg Whites Only:
Egg whites only add $ .99 - $0.99
  Gluten Free?


Mike G. 1/3/2015 ***** Mike G. Los Angeles, CA

I love their menu, and if you eat there during the week...never a wait.

They have an extensive menu, really friendly servers, and very fair pricing. I've eaten there at least a half dozen times, and never one complaint from me.

The decor is fine, but it's more of a breakfast/brunch place anyway, so decor doesn't matter much for those meals..

 12/03/2014 *** Kathleen B Agoura Hills, California USA

Good Local Food

Good for breakfast and lunch. Nice and large menu with something for everyone. BrEakfast is,my favorite and menu has lots of sweet and savory options. Normal prices and comfortable atmosphere. My experience has been that service is slow but not terribly.  

Randy B.11/19/2014***** Randy B Culver City, CA

I've been to 2 other Jinky locations, so I am a big time fan of their menu.  Pages and pages of variations with meat/veg/vegan options, you gotta be a fool to not find something that sounds delicious.

Being next to Trader Joe's could be good thing, but the small parking lot for the demand could be nearly a disaster for your temper, or your car.  It's the one draw back, well also, a little line if you come at peak times.

Breakfast burrito was my option for the day (and it was awesome, and double-good is the pea quacamole), but other locations I've tried: The Veracruz Talapia (AMAZING), and the Mexicali chili (I liked a lot, but small for the price).

Live on the wild side, try to find parking -- and go.

Miranda O.11/2/2014 **** Miranda O. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA

I have been to Jinky's Cafe before. My first impression was it was a colorful place. I enjoyed looking at all the colorful pictures on the wall. I ordered the pancakes with berries, it tasted no difference than other pancakes but Jinky's Cafe made it  very presentable. I had a kale salad on my other visit. It was very good. During my most recent visit, I was a little disappointed.  I ordered something that was not on the regular menu. It was the vegetarian version of the kung pao chicken. I didn't expect that they made it as spicy as the Chinese restaurants do but their kung pao chicken had no spice at all. They used the fresh bell peppers instead of the dried hot chilies that are normally used for this dish, so the name was misleading. It would be better if they simply call it bell pepper chicken. The vegetarian chicken was another disappointment. They were some Chinese vegetarian canned meat that was loaded with both sugar and salt.  Jinky's is not a vegetarian restaurant, perhaps I should not expect much but still think that this dish shouldn't be on the menu. I would not have gone back to Jinky's Cafe if I had it during my 1st visit. My overall impression of the restaurant is it is a great place for breakfasts.

Erica S. 9/11/2014 ***** Erica S. Los Angeles, CA

Wonderful pancakes! I had the Oaty Oaty pancakes, which are made with wheat, rolled oats and oat bran. At other places, I've had whole-grain pancakes that didn't hold up to syrup at all and tasted like wet bread. Not these. They were delicious, first bite to last. And huge... I could barely finish two, so I don't know how anyone could manage three.

The service was pleasant and cheery, and my friends and I sat for 4 1/2 hours talking and no one bothered or rushed us. And if you don't want pancakes, there is a full and varied menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Mark W. 6/2/2014 ***** Mark W. Overland Park, KS

Had a very good breakfast selection for me and my family. Good food and service, a nice local cafe feel.

Paul M. 4/19/2014 ***** Paul M. Los Angeles, CA

My favorite place. Try the onion and zucchini thingie. It's so good! Chili is awesome! Wild wild wear and balafon turkey are my fave. Spinach Bites= Awesome. Breakfast is great!

3/7/2014 **** Hayarpi A. Burbank, CA

The Lox Benedict is simply delicious at Jinky's and so is the French Toast!  I would highly recommend this place for breakfast and lunch.  It's a cozy place with great food and staff.

2/25/2014 **** Craig M. Sherman Oaks, CA

Consistent, satisfying brunch served quickly. No frills, just good food. Menu has many options, everything from traditional to health food. I like their coffee, and almost always get their Garden Scramble with a veggie patty. Plus they have a nice variety of hot sauces, always a benefit for me.

Overall I like this place cause it's not too expensive, service is fast, and you know what you're going to get. This is my go-to place for brunch when I have guests in town or just don't want to deal with my own kitchen.

Photo of David O. 1/16/2014 **** David O. CA

If you were to believe the yelp reviews for anything to the west of 20th street, all the restaurants are terrible and banal and corporate, every food establishment is horribly overpriced, except for the really really expensive places or that new sushi place with the really authentic japanese owners, and all the yoga places are awesome with super cute instructors. Jinky's is a really great version of Denny's. Everything is done pretty well. You can get white-egg omelettes. The kobe beef burger is done medium rare when you ask for it medium rare. The portions are medium sized. The service is a bit better than Denny's. It's shortcomings are that it closes early. The prices are similar to i-hop.... And apparently it deserves 3 stars. I disagree. I've been here for breakfast and lunch and I never had a bad time. I've never thought the food was horrible, and in the case of the kobe burger I thought it was actually kind of almost reaching a type of greatness at times (Kind of like a Chris Kaman or a Rick Fox or Lamar Odom). Sure it's no big time surprise revelation like the Lazy Ox Burger, but it's pretty darn great.