The Side Salad

The Side Salad_N

The combination of fresh lettuce, red tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and cabbage that is just right for any meal. It’s a healthy way to compliment every meal.
Select dressing:
  with chicken breast $3.00
  with shrimp (5 pcs.) $5.00
  with beef $3.00
  with turkey patty $3.00
  with salmon $5.00
  with vegan chicken patty $3.00
  with grilled chicken pieces $2.00


Mike Scully

1/4/2019 ***** Mike Scully Thousand Oaks, CA

Great food.

Risa D.

11/11/2018 ***** Risa D Hayward, CA

Jinky's cafe is a nice gem. It's hidden but awesome food. Coffee was good too.

Elizabeth Martinez

7/01/2018 ***** Elizabeth Martinez

Great food and service!!