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Jinky’s pancakes are made with fresh ingredients every day. We like to think that we are the standard by which pancakes are judged. Many Yelp and CitySearch reviews can be seen confirming this. Have a classic breakfast in Los Angeles and feel like you're Audrey Hepburn for a while. This rich and creamy breakfast treat will sure keep you positive the whole day!

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Single - $4.99
Short - $9.50
Regular - $11.50
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  Pure maple syrup add $1.00
  Strawberries add $1.00
  Blueberries add $1.00
  Bananas add $1.00
  Almonds add $1.00
  Walnuts add $1.00
  Choc. Chips add $1.00
  Macadamia Nuts add $1.50
  2 + 2 + 2 Combo Add $3.29
  Sierra Mountain Combo Add $4.29
  Gluten Free Add $1.00
  Fruit Inside the batter
  Cinnamon $1.00
  Belgian Waffle + Regular Add Crepes $3.29
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6/28/2016 **** Paul P. Los Angeles, CA

Totally reliable, funky, fun breakfast and lunch spot.  Creative sausages, waffles and pancakes.  Generous and good corned beef hash with eggs.