Tropical Pancakes

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Mandarin orange, coconut, and macadamia nuts. One could imagine this as Katie Perry's dream breakfast in Los Angeles featuring macadamia and lots of other good stuff. It's a breakfast for every bubbly soul in LA.
  Pure maple syrup add $1.00
  Strawberries add $1.00
  Blueberries add $1.00
  Bananas add $1.00
  Almonds add $1.00
  Walnuts add $1.00
  Choc. Chips add $1.00
  Macadamia Nuts add $1.50
  2 + 2 + 2 for $3.00 Extra
  Sierra Mountain Breakfast $4.00 Extra
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REVIEWS Enrique  A. 1/5/2013 ***** N HOLLYWOOD, CA

I have no idea what some of these crazy people are saying, but THIS PLACE IS PHENOMENAL!

1. Its the best place to have a beer in Studio City.


Not just at happy hour... but from the moment they open till the moment they close!

(Ice Cold and plentiful. You won't find that price or brand anywhere else in town.)

2. The Menu is great. Its huge. Its affordable. No matter what your eating habits are, they've got you covered. I recommend: The Banana Fosters Crepes. The Chili (Theres like 10 different styles, all homemade!), The freaking flaky, French Toast is crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, My girlfriend loves the salads there.

3. The service is awesome. We know them by name now, they know us by name now. Thats the kind of place you want to be. They know what i want as soon as i walk in the door. Thats the service anyone wants right?! The Management is so sweet, she checks up on us all the time.

4. I'm in the music industry and i book ALL of my meetings here. Theres a HEATED outdoor seating area, you can bring your DOGGIES (my girlfriend brings her chihuahuas and they love it too). FREE WIFI for whatever you're getting into. The (important) Games are always on the screen! The artwork is super cool, Elvis and Marilyn are everywhere. The music station they have playing is always good. James Brown kind of vibes! 

REVIEWS Mark K. *** 6/2/2012 Austin, TX

Solid lunch or breakfast choice in Santa Monica. I had the Sherman Oaks salad, which had a wonderful combination of walnut and goat cheese (I believe) plus all sorts of other good salad things going on. Balsamic vinaigrette dressing completed it with some chicken on top and I was happy. Would definitely return and try to explore more of the menu. I'm told the chili is pretty great and comes in quite a few spice varieties.

REVIEWS Vanessa F. 2/21/2012 ***** Los Angeles, CA

Hidden treasure people, hidden treasure.

After a 40-minute ride in traffic, followed by a drive through two full parking lots, I (finally) made it to Jinky's Cafe on 2nd street and Broadway in Santa Monica, California. Fortunately for the sake of the restaurant (and the review) we didn't have to wait in line upon entering. Based on the ambiance of the restaurant and the diversity in the menu, I had a feeling breakfast would be worth the trek. Well, not only was I right, I was very pleasantly surprised with the deliciousness of this entire meal.

The photo itself (see above) pretty much speaks for the decor of the restaurant, as well as the creativity in the menu. According to the blurb at the beginning of the menu (see below), the food is a "fusion of American, Southwestern, and international flavors." It is this fusion which generates a delicious breakfast at Jinky's Cafe.

When checking out the menu and attempting to choose from one of the 15 PANCAKE-OPTIONS (Jinky's automatically gets major brownie - er, pancake - points for this alone), there were a couple of major pros I wanted to first point-out.

First of all, Jinky's has pancake-options I have never seen before (i.e. Tropical Pancakes, Oaty Oaty Cakes, and Caramel Creme Pancakes). Between the creativity of the menu and the hippie coloring along the border, this read more like a menu of pancakes from Ben & Jerry. Uh, yes please!

Secondly, and major props to Jinky's for this: per the menu above, the option to choose the location of your toppings ("Fruits inside the batter only on request") is a major pro, and almost makes your breakfast customizable. This is a fantastic option, particularly if you're a blogger, but also equally wonderful if you're simply a pancake-lover. Now for the best part. Choosing my meal and enjoying every bite!

Besides pancakes, I was craving eggs as well - it was a long drive! - and luckily, Jinky's caters to such cravings. I went with the 2+2+2 option of eggs, bacon, and buttermilk pancakes BUT for $2 more, you may also substitute for a specialty pancake. So, I substituted for the Banana Chocolate Chip Cakes. You should know that unless asked, ALL toppings remain on top of the pancakes. I, however, decided to put the chocolate chips inside the batter, and keep the bananas on top.

I must say, looking at this photo my mouth is watering again. From the second the plate was placed in front of me, the smell was overbearingly amazing. I was instantly tempted by this pungent scent of fresh bananas, warm chocolate chips, and homemade pancakes practically made by Aunt Jemima herself. Sure, the eggs and bacon were wonderful too; but these pancakes were just incredible.

The Banana Chocolate Chip Cakes were fluffy on top, yet soothingly crispy on the bottom. The chocolate chips appear as little dots in the pancakes, but instantly melt in your mouth within the first bite. When looking at this photo, you can see the morning glisten on the bananas atop of the cakes; as per my review from Blue Plate I explain how important this glisten is in determining the freshness of the fruit. Well, these bananas must have been collected directly from the banana tree - aka the local Saturday Farmer's Market on 3rd Street - before being placed on my pancakes. And finally, the end of the meal was not capped with the button of my jeans flying across the room; these pancakes were not greasy at all, and they don't cause you to faint upon completion. As I was smiling from ear to ear after the first bite, the Banana Chocolate Chip Cakes from Jinky's are a wonderful way to say "Good Morning, Sunshine." Jinky's Cafe is now officially my second restaurant with a 5 star rating. It should also be noted that Jinky's serves breakfast ALL DAY!

REVIEWS Maureen C. 1/26/2012 **** Newbury Park, CA

Have eaten here a few times now, tonight was the first time to try dinner. It wasn't that busy, which was a real plus. Service was prompt and attentive. I still ordered one of their crepes...more of a breakfast item,but it's delicious so why not? And we had a caprese sandwich and the nachos. The nachos were only rated on "5" out of a 10 for spicy...but I found them extremely spicy. Loved my crepe. Dinner may be a better choice here, as it's always so busy at breakfast time.

REVIEWS Beth V. 1/17/2012 ***** Los Angeles, CA

Jinky's is my favorite brunch in LA. ALWAYS worth braving the 3rd Street Promenade mess on the weekends. You can almost always find parking in one of the garages on 2nd street, even on a busy day. As for the restaurant, there may be a slight wait, but it's never been outrageous for me. Just remember, they won't sit incomplete parties!

I love Jinky's Favorite omelet, and ANY of the Mexican breakfast items (breakfast quesadila!). Their breakfast potatoes are always awesome, and I love their chilis (you can ask for a sample too). I've also thoroughly enjoyed all of the lunch items I have tried. Basically, I would eat here every day if I could. Definitely try it!