Tropical Waffle

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Mandarin oranges, coconut, ice cream waffle and macadamia nuts. Oranges, coconuts and ice cream make a breakfast in LA unforgettable. Scarlett Johansson might like to try on of these!

  Pure maple syrup add $1.00
  2 + 2 + 2 for $3.00 Extra
  Sierra Mountain Breakfast $4.00 Extra
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REVIEWS Ryan V. 12/5/2011 **** North Hollywood, CA

This place used to be a restaurant called Killer Shrimp which was good but you could only order one dish, shrimp. The good news is Jinky's has expanded the menu. This place is great, they have a huge menu although I always seem to just order breakfast and I have never been disappointed. They also have a bar and outdoor seating.  

REVIEWS 8/9/2011 **** Amandalynn S. Valley Village, Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I love this place. We even ride our bikes here on the weekends. The entrance is closest to the street side, but through the years they have expanded their space to take over the two adjacent locations. The first two are more restaurant styling, the last is for takeout and coffee shop-esque orders. The staff is super fast and friendly, you never have an empty dish on your table and the refills happen before you realize it! But the best part, the food. Where else can you get chicken sausage with breakfast, organic dishes with super fresh food, oodles of versions of chili (thats their specialty!) DELICIOUSNESS on a fork (or spoon!) For breakfast - I recommend the Oatmeal! and the Nutty pancakes. My husband loves their scrambles too. 5 stars hands down!

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