The Chili Jumble

The Chili Jumble_N

KRDIASHIAN SMALL2.jpg Even the Kardashians might need a glass of water to put out the fire in this new hot and spicy LA breakfast! Choice of Gourmet chili, (5 are available each day see below for rotation) served with red onions and cheddar cheese over potatoes topped with scrambled eggs, dollop of sour cream, chopped tomato, green onions and avocado.  

Select Size:
Small - $11.99
Large - $15.99
Choose your Chili:
Baja Fresca* (6)
Boston Turkey (5)
Chili Verde
Colorado Beef
Devilo (10+)
East Indian Chicken (7)
El Paso (5)
Garlic Lover's (7)
Hickory Turkey (4)
Himalayan Beef (8)
Jinky's Veggie Delight (4)
Mama Sara's Midwestern Chili* (3)
Mexicali* (5)
Oaxaca (7)
Roasted Garlic Chicken (6)
Pasilla Turkey
Southwestern Pork (6)
Spicy Mango Chicken (8)
Veggie Fiesta* (2)
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5/3/2017 ***** Brittany A. Davis, CA

This is such a little gem in TO! They have fabulous chili, and some of the best omelettes I've ever had!

4/17/2017 **** Camila D. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

We come here often because it's walking distance from our house. The service is good and we love the food. Plus it's convenient.


We love all of the different styles of chili that they have. Try the Chilli Jumble and mix the Boston turkey with Oaxaca - yum!

3/18/2017 ***** Lily G. Van Nuys, CA

I love jinky's cafe for so many reasons...the variety of food items and huge menu, their healthy options, and the fact that they have delicious coffee too :) I recently tried their ice blended vanilla drink and it was so good!!! I love their pancakes, and always want to order everything on the menu! There usually isn't a wait and if there is, it is not very long.



I really wanted to mention that their egg scrambles and omelettes are super delicious, and they have some of the best chili I've ever had. I recently got the chili jumble and it hit the spot! Definitely try this place, they have a huge menu with healthy options as well, and vegan too. Thanks jinkys!!