The Chili Jumble

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KRDIASHIAN SMALL2.jpg Even the Kardashians might need a glass of water to put out the fire in this new hot and spicy LA breakfast! Choice of Gourmet chili, (5 are available each day see below for rotation) served with red onions and cheddar cheese over potatoes topped with scrambled eggs, dollop of sour cream, chopped tomato, green onions and avocado.  

Select Size:
Large - $15.50
Choose your Chili:
Baja Fresca* (6)
Boston Turkey (5)
Chili Verde
Colorado Beef
Devilo (10+)
East Indian Chicken (7)
El Paso (5)
Garlic Lover's (7)
Hickory Turkey (4)
Himalayan Beef (8)
Jinky's Veggie Delight (4)
Mama Sara's Midwestern Chili* (3)
Mexicali* (5)
Oaxaca (7)
Roasted Garlic Chicken (6)
Pasilla Turkey
Southwestern Pork (6)
Spicy Mango Chicken (8)
Veggie Fiesta* (2)
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Photo of Teresa L.

1/9/2020 ***** Teresa L. Los Angeles, CA

Wandered in on a cold night and ordered a cup of their gourmet chili. It was spicy and delicious and served beautifully. The owners were friendly and allowed me to try it before I order. I will definitely return. I would suggest offering a gourmet grilled cheese to go with the chili.

Photo of Mawdi S.

12/13/2019 ***** Mawdi S. Westlake Village, CA

I love Jinky's I am so glad they opened this new location. I used to live two blocks from the Sherman Oaks, Location. I work near the Agoura Hills location. I love The Chili Jumble. We also had French Toast. "Good Breakfast, it's what's for dinner!"

Thomas Wotring

11/5/2019 **** Thomas Wotring Thousand Oaks, CA

Great food and great service. Love going here with friends and family for a wonderful meal. Try the chili, the spicier the better. :)