Whole Wheat Pancakes

Whole Wheat Pancakes_N

Channing Tatum.JPG With cranberries and walnuts. The easiest way to have a body like Channing Tatum is to have breakfast in Los Angeles.  Are we crazy?  Think again!  Eating this you’ll be dancing in no time!

Single - $4.99
Short - $9.50
Regular - $11.50
Select Topping:
  Add Gluten Free $1.00
  Pure maple syrup add $1.00
  Strawberries add $1.00
  Blueberries add $1.00
  Bananas add $1.00
  Almonds add $1.00
  Walnuts add $1.00
  Choc. Chips add $1.00
  Macadamia Nuts add $1.50
  2 + 2 + 2 Add Combo $3.29
  Sierra Mountain Combo Add $4.29
  Cranberriest $1.00
  Fruit Inside the batter
  Cinnamon $1.00
  Belgian Waffle + Regular Add Crepes $3.79
How would you like your eggs?:
Select Bacon:
Select Sausage:


Paul Wise

12/19/2018 **** Paul Wise Thousand Oaks, CA

Great food and history there.

Jack Van Furche

7/04/2018 ***** Jack Van Furche Agoura Hills, CA

Incredible selection of very tasty food.

G. B.

5/12/2018 **** G. B. Los Angeles, CA

Food presentation, service and ambiance were great. I like the idea of leaving extra coffee in a mug for self serving.