Wild, Wild West* (8)

Wild, Wild West_N

Onion-free Western style chili with lean ground beef, bacon bits, and baby pinto beans with a “crocodile” bite. Bring out the knife and fork for this thick chili that stands up to the palate of the most unforgiving chili connoisseur. To go container has 3 sizes: Cup, Bowl/Pint and Quart.
Cup - $8.50
Bowl - $12.50


5/13/2016 ***** Anonymous P. Los Angeles, CA

I can't say enough good things about Jinky's in Sherman Oaks.

The service is really special. Everyone is so polite and accommodating and friendly. If you go regularly, they know your name. They are open to any and all substitutions we've ever requested. The service is always really fast, and there are a lot of nice touches, like they make sure to take your drink order as soon as you sit down so you can get your coffee going asap.

The food is wonderful. There is literally something for everyone. My husband loves the chili jumble (substitute tator tots for potatoes), I have a ton of gluten free options to choose from. The coffee is unlimited and really good.

This is seriously such a nice place to go for breakfast. We come almost every week and have never had  anything besides a great experience.

They are both kid and dog friendly too.