Quinoa and Egg Bowl

Quinoa and egg Bowl

Quinoa and egg bowl.PNGOrganic quinoa, sliced onion, bell peppers, broccoli, chopped breakfast potatoes, parmesan cheese topped with fried egg



Mike Marks

7/06/2018 ***** Mike Marks Los Angeles, CA

Very good food and great value. The quinoa breakfast bowl is one of my favorites although it would be better if it came with two eggs instead of one.

Kimberly G.

6/28/2018 ***** Kimberly G. Calabasas, CA

Prices are good, great options. My favorite is the Quinoa w/ Veggies and Fried Egg (it tastes like fried rice, but healthier!) The chilis are delish, and they always give free samples!  

Great spot to take the family, service always comes with a smile too. Nothing too fancy, just good food and good service!

Allie R.

6/16/2018 ***** Allie R.Los Angeles, CA

Love Jinky's!! I’ve been coming here with my family for years and it's our regular Sunday brunch spot! The menu is huge with lots of options and you can't go wrong with anything! They have the best chili made daily that you can add to anything (they have many different kinds).

My favorite is the Desperado (breakfast burrito) with added chili! I change up which chili I add every time cause there all so good and to make my burrito different each time!

They have great drinks like homemade mint lemonade that's delicious. Another item off the menu I really like that's in the "on the lighter side" part of the menu is the Greek Quinoa Bowl. It's very unique and different which I like!

They recently raised the prices so I've been coming a little less but when I do go I love it!