Quinoa and Egg Bowl

Quinoa and egg Bowl

Quinoa and egg bowl.PNGOrganic quinoa, sliced onion, bell peppers, broccoli, chopped breakfast potatoes, parmesan cheese topped with fried egg



Cecilia V.

2/21/2017 **** Cecilia V.  Los Angeles, CA

We brought friends visiting from out of town to this

location because it was convenient. We had been to the one in Studio City for dinner and enjoyed that one.

This location has more of the beach theme. We were seated right away and the orders were taken almost immediately. The food was good.

Gina B.

1/9/2016 ***** Gina B. Van Nuys, CA

This is my first time trying this place.  I have to say that service was great.  Good breakfast menu, fast service.  Asked my waiter what he recommends he said "eggs benedict " I tried & liked .  Will be coming back.