Vegan Bombay Bowl

Vegan Bombay Bowl_N

Curried potatoes, peas, onions, seasoned tofu, roasted cashews and raisins over cilantro lime rice.


4/19/2016 ***** Tiffany D. Calabasas, CA

My favorite café hands down, feet down.

Best mint lemonade! I recommend getting it blended but that's my preference. (also: awesome smoothies!)

They have everything. Bfast all day, ft. jumbo delicious & fluffy pancakes.

The hangover burger (Kobe beef too 2nd fave burger) is the ultimate "cheat meal!" Talk about guilty pleasures! I haven't had one since turning veg but these are amazing!!!

Also their fries! Guys all of their fries : seasoned & sweet potato are both just great and crisp. The onion rings are also like the best O rings.

Santa Fe salad 4 stars. the small is more than enough for one person.

The Ceasar is delicious the lemon zest is the cherry on top! The large is perfect for 2

Margherita flat bread pizza 5 stars! Thinly sliced tomatoes, basil, and spices just thin crisp and delectable!