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Lunch/Dinner Packages - Family Meal Packages
West Hills

Lunch #2


½ Sandwich & ½ Salad and Drink

Sandwich – CHOICE:

½ Pesto Chicken Sandwich - (pesto sauce, baby greens and provolone cheese on ciabatta bread)
½ Grilled Veggie Sandwich – (eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, red onions, spinach, mushrooms & mozzarella cheese on ciabatta bread)
½ California Sandwich – (turkey breast, Ortega chilies, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and avocado on grilled garlic sourdough bread)
½ Caprese Sandwich – (sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil on ciabatta bread with mild pesto sauce)
½ Turkey Mushroom Melt – (turkey breast, sauteed mushrooms and mozzarella cheese on grilled sourdough)

Salad – CHOICE:
Chopped Italian Salad – (turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, olives, garbanzo and kidney beans, mozzarella cheese and pepperoncini)
Sherman Oaks Delight Salad with chopped chicken – (spring mix, chopped chicken breast, grilled asparagus, caramelized walnuts, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, mandarin oranges and grapes, topped with goat cheese)
Cobb Salad – (turkey breast, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, bleu cheese, olives, and hard-boiled egg)
Oriental Salad with chopped chicken – (chopped chicken breast, mandarin oranges, almonds, green onions, and cilantro topped with crispy rice noodles on a bed of mixed greens)

Drink (choose 4)- CHOICE:
Diet Coke

(Select 1) Sandwich:½ Pesto Chicken Sandwich ½ Grilled Veggie Sandwich ½ California Sandwich ½ Caprese Sandwich ½ Turkey Mushroom Melt
(Select 1) Salad:Chopped Italian Salad Sherman Oaks Delight Salad Cobb Salad Oriental Salad with chopped chicken