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Breakfast Specialties
Martin's Spicy Chilaquileas
Santa Fe Scramble
Yucatan Quesadilla
The Chili Jumble
Huevos Rancheiros
Sierra Mountain Breakfast
Italian Egg Sandwich
Huevos Chilli
2 + 2 + 2
Huevos Con Pollo
A.M. Breakfast Sandwich
Gourmet Mac & Cheese
Veggie Mac & Cheese
Bacon & Sausage Mac & Cheese
Chili Mac & Cheese
Jinky's Signature Pancakes
Traditional Buttermilk
Wild Blueberry Banana
Banana-Macadamia Nut
Banana Foster Cakes
Caramel Creame Pancakes
Banana Chocolate Chip Cakes
Red Velvet Pancakes
Berry Happy Pancakes
Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin Pancakes With Pumpkin Marmalade
Whole Wheat Pancakes
Oaty Oaty Cakes
Gluten Free Pancakes
Eggs Benedict
Classic Benedict
Eggs Florentine
Southwestern Benedict
Crab Cake Benedict
Lox Benedict
Hash Benedict
French Toast
French Toast
Flaky French Toast
Coconut Flaky
Cinnamon Flaky Toast
S-B-C Toast
Belgian Waffle
Ice Cream Waffle
Red, White And Blue Waffle
Banana Chocolate Chip Waffle
Banana Nutella
Banana's Foster
Nutty Berry
Red, White And Blue
Strawberry Blueberry & Cream Cheese
Savory Crepe
Jinky's Nitro
Athens Delight
Create Your Own Omelette or Scramble
French Garden
Chili Omelette Supreme
The Sherman Oaks
Jinky's Favorite
Chicken And Herbs
Spicy Voodoo
Farmhouse Frittata
La Fonda
Rosemary Omelette
Green And White Omelette
Lox Omelette
And Eggs
Eggs Any Style
Bacon And Eggs
Ham Steak And Eggs
Gourmet Sausage And Eggs
Patty And Eggs
Chicken Breast And Egg Whites
Steak And Eggs
Hash And Eggs
Shrimp Scramble
Spicy Chilaquiles
Garden Scramble
Healthy Scramble
Popeye Scramble
Viva Las Vegan(no eggs)
Breakfast Mac & Cheese
And More
Lox Plate
Regular Oatmeal
Low Fat Granola
Fruit-Yogurt-Granola Plate
Cream of Wheat
Old Fashioned 4 Grain Oatmeal
Freshly Ground Coffee
Iced Latte
Hot Chocolate
Fresh Juice
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Regular Iced Tea
Cold Milk
Tropical Iced Tea or Iced Green Tea
Blended Lemonde Freeze-Raspberry
Italian Espresso
Hot Tea
V-8 Juice/Tomato Juice
Martinelli Apple Juice or Cranberry Juice
Bottled Water
Perrier-Sparkling Water
Chocolate Milk
Iced Blended Mocha, Vanilla or White Chocolate
On The Side
Aidells or Jody Maroni
Veggie Sausage (2 (pcs)
2 Eggs - Any Style
Bagel (plain - onion - sesame)
Sliced Tomato or Onion
Side of Tuna Salad
Sour Cream
Side of Avocado Guacamole
Mixed Fruit
Fresh Strawberries
Toast (wheat, sourdough or rye)
Cottage or Cheese
Muffins (assorted flavors)
Bacon or Turkey Bacon
Ham Steak
Side of Breakfast Steak
Side of Shrimp (6 PCS.)
Jinky's Potatoes or Tater Tots
French Fries
Onion Rings
Corn or Flour Tortillas
Our Own Salsa Fresca Tomatillo or Ranchero Sauce
English Muffin
Low-Fat Yogurt
Grilled Chicken Breast
Garlic Bread (2 PIECES)
Flaky Banana Caramel Creme
Hot Fudge Sundae
Decadent Chocolate Cake
Apple Pie
Cookie and Ice Cream Dessert

Jinkys Sherman Oaks  14120 Ventura Blvd CA 91423

Phone: (818) 962-4577    Fax - (818) 981-2339  

Time of opening: Every day 7:30 am to 4:00 pm


*Buy 1 Entree at regular price ,get 2nd for 50% off .

Sherman Oaks weekly special:

Quinoa Salad tossed with fresh diced tomatoes, cucumber, finely diced green onions, chopped cilantro, roasted garlic, fire-roasted artichokes, feta cheese, toasted almonds, extra virgin olive oil, and sweet lemon juice over baby greens.

Sherman Oaks Daily Chili:

Chili menu changes daily please call to check Chili Menu


Tiffany J.2/2/2015 ***** Tiffany J. Center Point, IA

My favorite place to go every time I visit LA. service is always top notch and the menu choices are endless.   Will be a staple for me always.


Been coming here for years. When I say years,  I Remember  this place when two of the rooms were other places. I've been coming to this place for over 25 years. The food is good, everyone knows that so im not going to write a review on the food.  

viviana w. 1/29/2015 ***** viviana w. West Hollywood, CA

Today I had a different waitress than I usually have.  Her name was Heather and she was by far my favorite here. Everyone is nice and everyone is helpful... but she has just something a little different.  So anyway, she's  was helpful, kind and very patient with all my random, annoying over the top questions. She clearly likes her job and everyone who came in seemed really happy to see her there. I over heard a gig days he doesn't come for the foods,  he comes to see her.  Kind of creepy but nice.   What's nice about her was she seemed to genuinely care about everyone who walked though the door.  Keep her. She's what makes you feel like a family run  restaurant. :)

howard b. 1/17/2015 ***** howard b.Sherman Oaks, CA

2 check-ins

Love it here as there is always a good meal

To be had. Nice staff, willing to accommodate your requests. Great place for all!

Mike G. 1/3/2015 ***** Mike G. Los Angeles, CA

I love their menu, and if you eat there during the week...never a wait.

They have an extensive menu, really friendly servers, and very fair pricing. I've eaten there at least a half dozen times, and never one complaint from me.

The decor is fine, but it's more of a breakfast/brunch place anyway, so decor doesn't matter much for those meals...

Joshua K. 1/1/2015**** Joshua K. Burbank, Los Angeles, CA

Very cool spot.  The staff is VERY helpful and friendly.  

It's been a little while since I popped in.  

I had some sort of Indian wrap or burrito...

It was ok, but it could have used more was somewhat bland.

Much of their other dishes look very good.  

Try this place, like I said, service is great

Trish M. 11/24/2014 **** Trish M. Los Angeles, CA

Let me preface this review by saying that I am only speaking of the breakfast food and the atmosphere in the morning/early afternoon.

First and foremost, coffee. I love that they bring you a little carafe of coffee so you can keep your cup filled and aren't ever running on empty desperately trying to flag down a waiter to fill your cup. ** Please note, I am not saying the staff is difficult to get a hold of. They are very attentive and I have never felt inconvenienced by bad service here.

I love breakfast food and healthy breakfast food when available. Jinky's has an EXTENSIVE breakfast menu featuring many egg white only options and even vegan options. Tofu scramble is great, but be warned it's SPICY!

They offer a very flavorful pesto that pairs really well with many of their omelets and breakfast sandwiches. It's particularly good for dipping their tater tots in.

Yes, although I like healthy food, I can't resist a tater tot. Jinky's tots are particularly good, crispy outside while still being soft on the inside.

I have looked over their lunch and dinner menus in the thoughts of perhaps coming for a later meal in the future, but I have never seen anything too enticing. If I were t come for another meal I would probably still end up ordering breakfast, which they do (bless their little hearts) serve all day.


 11/2/2014 **** Cindy W. Duarte, CA

huevos ranchero


kids pancakes

Belgian waffle

hot chocolate and iced tea

wait was too long parking sucks

hostess insists on seeing entire party even for a half hour wait

food was tasty though

Erica S. 9/11/2014 ***** Erica S. Los Angeles, CA

Wonderful pancakes! I had the Oaty Oaty pancakes, which are made with wheat, rolled oats and oat bran. At other places, I've had whole-grain pancakes that didn't hold up to syrup at all and tasted like wet bread. Not these. They were delicious, first bite to last. And huge... I could barely finish two, so I don't know how anyone could manage three.

The service was pleasant and cheery, and my friends and I sat for 4 1/2 hours talking and no one bothered or rushed us. And if you don't want pancakes, there is a full and varied menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Andrea B.9/1/2014 ****  Andrea B. Los Angeles, CA

I have already been here 2xs in a row. Food is really good and so is service. If you don't like dogs make sure you sit inside. They have so many healthy options on their menu. Lattes are delicious too. New fav breakfast spot.

Breanna E.8/31/2014 *****  Breanna E. Los Angeles, CA

The service can be hit or miss but everyone is really nice regardless. The food is amazing and you have to try the mint lemonade!! It's so delicious and refreshing!!

Angela C.8/28/2014 ***** Angela C. Studio City, CA

I grew up in Western New York, raised on a diet comprised of primarily Crock-Potted meat, potatoes, and cereal.  I would not call the diet of my childhood "adventurous".

Now, I certainly know that chilaquileas aren't adventurous to most people here in LA but, for me, I still get fired up about them and pounce on a plate at every opportunity that I get.  The Martin's Spicy Chilaquileas here at Jinky's are to diiiiiiie forrrrr.  They are so good and, OH! Also?  "Spicy".  If you notice, they actually put that disclaimer in the name of the dish.  They're not lying about it.  And it's amazing.

Add to that the amazing service, crazy vast menu, & the fact that your cup of coffee is never ever ever empty, this place gets all the A-plusses in my book.

Kirsten M.8/22/2014 **** Kirsten M. Burbank, Los Angeles,

This is a breakfast review only as I have not had the privilege of tasting their chili!

I arrived early for a meeting, but was able to sit with my carafe of coffee and just relax. The atmosphere is casual, but the service is , without a doubt, served with a smile! I was in a booth and the table to booth ratio was not perfectly comfortable, but still adequate.

On to the food! I was tempted by the reviews to try the French toast and so many of the omelets! But in the end, I was craving veggies. I ordered the green and white omelet and chose tomatoes as my side. This was my way of being healthy. It was yummy! The sliced avocado on top was a nice added touch. I would definitely come here again!

Dan N.8/21/2014 *** Dan N. Forest Grove, OR

Down here on vacation from Portland, hanging out with Brother N for the day.

It was nice out, so we decided to sit outside at the table just outside the door.  

We each were eating a bit light, so we decided to split a "Feta Hummus Wrapwich with chicken".  At its roots, it's a sandwich, but using Naan bread.  The innards are a lovely hummus and feta spread, a salad of parsley and cucumber, sliced onions and peppers with a yogurt mint sauce.  We added chicken.  Excellent sandwich for those that like things flavorful but still on the "light" side.

Service was fine, and breakfast totaled about $13.  Not bad, was relatively fast, and we were on our way.  A-OK here.

Grant P.8/20/2014 ****  Grant P. Los Angeles, CA

Jinky's has been a favorite restaurant of mine for the last 15 years. They have a fantastic array of choice for any meal and all of it is very tasty. Their breakfast food is incredibly good as are there sandwiches. It's a little bit over priced but it is a consistently good meal no matter what you choose. Likewise, the staff and very friendly and always willing to help out. Jinky's is a great place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Tiffany L.8/16/2014 *****  Tiffany L. Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, CA

Love this place and the variety of food is great! I don't eat meat so they have a nice veggie selection. Great coffee too!  Champagne brunch on Sundays rocks! The service is pretty good, but parking at certain times can be a bummer. They have two locations and one has a cool bar. So go healthy or not this place had tasty food.

Johnnie T.8/8/2014 **** Johnnie T. Los Angeles, CA

Needs to be updated but we always have a good meal here.

Amy K.8/2/2014 *** Amy K. Montrose, CA

1 check-in

Portions are a good size. There's a lot to choose from. I enjoyed sitting outside. I wasn't super impressed with the food but it wasn't horrible.

Myesha H.7/11/2014 **** Myesha H. Sacramento, CA

Quick, friendly service and the food was good. I had a Jinky's Favorite omelet. The potatoes were DELICIOUS. Coffee was fresh.

Frankdatank K.7/5/2014 ***** Frankdatank K. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

1 check-in

Been driving by this place for a while now, finally decided to stop by, and I'm glad i did! I ordered the Desperado burrito replaced the egg for tofu, and got the veggie chorizo. Very pleased with the food. I haven't tried other food yet but will give this place a 5 because if the great service provided by the hostess and out server Lauren! Will def come back.

Daniele S. 6/23/2014 ***** Daniele S.  Sherman Oaks, CA

Since I was a kid I've been coming here once in a while.  I'm not a big breakfast eater but this place is decent food, reasonable price, and feels homey.  Downfall to this place is parking.  They have a semi- private lot but what a nightmare!  There are never parking spots and street parking is horrendous, even worse now that more shopping food centers have opened up just blocks away.  This is a good go to for breakfast in a pinch.

Freddy M. 6/23/2014 ***** Freddy M.  PANORAMA CITY, CA

The staff is very friendly and cozy environment. I was sat right away, and the place was buzzing for breakfast with what seemed like professionals on lunch enjoying a nice brunch. Plenty of seating tables and a few booths. The food was tasty(had the french toast with banana, strawberry, and chocolate chips)and definitely had a homemade feel. Prices are between 10-20 dollars, but menu does offer a verity of options. Over all this place seemed perfect for an intimate breakfast with family and or friends.

Aaron B. 5/20/2014 ***** Aaron B. Los Angeles, CA

I had the chicken sandwich with avocado and onion rings and it was delicious.

I also had a side of their "gourmet" mac and cheese which was a little different but still amazing.

Paul M. 4/19/2014 ***** Paul M. Los Angeles, CA

My favorite place. Try the onion and zucchini thingie. It's so good! Chili is awesome! Wild wild wear and balafon turkey are my fave. Spinach Bites= Awesome. Breakfast is great!

Shar P.3/11/2014 **** Shar P. Los Angeles, CA

You can never go wrong with Jinky's. Their pancakes are always fluffy and delicious. I highly recommend the omelettes, too. Great service and really accommodating servers- I came in with my laptop to get some work done during brunch hour on a Sunday and they quickly sat me at a table with an outlet nearby.

Marla B.3/7/2014 ***** Marla B. Sylmar, Los Angeles, CA

We got the Sherman oaks Omelette. So far so good! Mixture of mushrooms spinach and garlic. Very basic yet healthy!  they also have bottled beers for $2 which in LA is a miracle. So yes love this place!

Amber T.2/22/2014 ***** Amber T. Los Angeles, CA

This was our first time here, and we were super impressed with the food and service for a great busy weekend breakfast spot. My chai tea latte was as big as the moon, and honestly the best one I've ever had.

Our food, delicious and fresh, and came up quickly despite how packed the restaurant was. My husband had the Flaky French Toast, it was cooked to perfection, and flavored so well that he didn't even need syrup for it. I had the egg white Italian Fritata breakfast sandwich, and it was so large and filling I could only eat half. Good portions for the price in my opinion.

If I had one complaint, it would be the parking lot. It's pretty small and is shared with other businesses. Grab a meter on the street if you see it before even trying to get in and out of the lot during peak meal hours.

We will be back for the food again, but I will be stopping in there just for a chai tea latte to go instead of Starbucks in the mornings!

Oh! I can't forget! All of the servers seemed to have smiles on their faces as they took care of their tables, and our server, Alex was extremely polite and prompt. It's hard to find good service these days, so it was nice to see someone that still takes pride in their work. Thanks, Alex!