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Jinkys  Sherman oaks.jpg

Jinkys Sherman Oaks  14120 Ventura Blvd CA 91423

Phone: (818) 962-4577    Fax - (818) 981-2339  

Time of opening: Every day 7:30 am to 4:00 pm


7/21/2016 **** Tasnim C. Los Angeles, CA

I heard about this place from it being brought to my workplace for lunch. I had their Sedona Chicken sandwich and it was amazing! But what really tasted amazing to me was their guacamole.

So I went with my sister when we were craving some guac like crazy. We were not disappointed. Their guacamole tastes so fresh, and their chips are still warm so I think they make it in-house but the whole thing is just DELICIOUS.

I also tried their French toast. The taste of the guacamole and that sandwich is what I would recommend this place for. Absolutely amazing!

7/10/2016 ***** Adam S. Santa Clarita, CA

Oh Jinky's, the first place to ever fill my heart entirely with love.  On my first visit, well over 2 years ago, you could come and enjoy bottomless mimosas.  Being that my heart is completely empty of any and all emotions, I must apologize as I am probably the reason why they ended that as an option on their menu as I could drink about 19 carafes of mimosas on any given Sunday.

But, don't be afraid, my yelping friends, they still have exceptionally reasonably priced mimosas.  For $21 you can get a carafe of mimosas! How fabulous.  While it's not enough to fill my heart, it is enough to get your whistle wet and have a giggly good time.

And, as if the mimosas weren't enough.... They have this angel sent from the gods working here. His name is Zack, and has always taken the best care of me and my friends.  His care and compassion for people is unheard of, especially in this area.  On top of that, his broad shoulders, blonde hair, and blue eyed self is enough to get me drunk on his love alone.  The way he ever so angelically floats across the outdoor patio checking in on any and all tables is enough to get you to come back.  

While the above mentioned may or may not be the mimosas talking, I can guarantee you that the other angel, Brenda, who I believe is the manager, has gone above and beyond to ensure our experience was nothing but exceptional.  We expressed our concerns regarding the bottomless mimosas and she was able to explain why in such a way that made me want to order 5 more carafes.  She was genuine and caring while still honest upfront and that's the way to my empty heart.

Between Zacky boy & Brenda girl, I've felt more emotions here than I ever have in the entirety of my life.

Thank you for giving me hope.



6/19/2016 ***** Anabell L. Los Angeles, CA

Sunday and it’s lunch hour. Service was amazing. And parking wasn't bad at all. I ordered the usual since I was having a late lunch of two eggs bacon and hash. And outside of my usual toast I substituted the side of toast for some chips. Over all the bacon was thick and maxing, the hash had onions it was good and eggs cooked perfectly. Now, to my surprise, the chips were amazing. They must have fried the tortilla to order. When I got it was nice and golden crispy and airy in the middle.  I'm quite amazed that I'm raving about tortilla chips. Hahaha

6/6/2016 ***** Lauren R. Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA

I came in for the pumpkin pancakes and loved them! My server Brenda was exceptional! I will be back. Try the green tea. They brew it fresh, and let you leave with one togo.

5/15/2016 **** Lily G. Van Nuys, CA

I love jinky's cafe for so many reasons...the variety of food items and huge menu, their healthy options, and the fact that they have delicious coffee too :) I recently tried their ice blended vanilla drink and it was so good!!!

I love their pancakes, and always want to order everything on the menu! Be prepared to be patient . Good side is that there usually isn't a wait and if there is, it is not very long.

5/13/2016 ***** Anonymous P. Los Angeles, CA

I can't say enough good things about Jinky's in Sherman Oaks.

The service is really special. Everyone is so polite and accommodating and friendly. If you go regularly, they know your name. They are open to any and all substitutions we've ever requested. The service is always really fast, and there are a lot of nice touches, like they make sure to take your drink order as soon as you sit down so you can get your coffee going asap.

The food is wonderful. There is literally something for everyone. My husband loves the chili jumble (substitute tater tots for potatoes), I have a ton of gluten free options to choose from. The coffee is unlimited and really good.

This is seriously such a nice place to go for breakfast. We come almost every week and have never had  anything besides a great experience.

They are both kid and dog friendly too.